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1 Apr

I bought my current planner back in December. When I went through marking important birthdays and anniversaries, I wrote the following in the little slot for April 1:

Game of Thrones, 9 p.m.

I got turned on to the Greatest Series that Ever Lived by my uncle. I was in a wedding in Chicago last summer, and the beau and I stayed with my aunt and uncle. The morning after the wedding, my aunt was out, and my uncle took us to breakfast. They lived in Lincoln Park, which means when you exited their back door and crossed the street, there were restaurants and shops and businesses, including this adorable cafe. It was crowded, so we got one of those little beeper things and waited for it to go off — in my aunt and uncle’s living room.

As we waited, Gary asked us if we’d ever seen or heard of “Game of Thrones.” We hadn’t, and we watched the first 20 minutes, until we were beckoned for breakfast.

That was all it took for the beau to order HBO as soon as we got back to Indiana. Me? I required the watching of a full episode before I was ready to declare my undying love to the show. The week we discovered it was right after the season one finale, so we watched the full season — 10 one-hour episodes — over the course of that week.

And we’ve been craving season two ever since.

I haven’t been this obsessed with a series since Harry Potter, and part of the fun is watching it with someone who’s just as into it as I am. I love discussing the characters as if they are our friends, and I love getting so involved that with every beheading or pouring-melted-gold-on-someone’s-head’ing, I am left mouth-agape throughout the entire end credits or cheering like it’s a GOOD thing for melted gold to liquify your face.

Suffice it to say, at 9 this evening, I will be shutting my phone off.



Oh happy day

27 Mar

Despite — or maybe due to — the fact that I’ve been insanely, mind-bogglingly busy at work over the past two or so weeks, I’ve found myself in even a better mood than normal lately. I have a number of suspicions why that is, and frankly I’m not ready to share them yet (give me time!), but the general good mood has me wanting to share the smiles.

So if you’re having a bummer day, or maybe you just need a little pick-me-up, I’ve compiled five things that should make your day a little brighter:

One: This dress. The color combo and cuteness factor just makes me grin.

Two: The Hunger Games is out. Now, I’ve never read the book and know nothing about the story aside from the basics: Utopian world, children competing (to the death?) for … funsies? And yet, for some reason, I’m beyond excited to see the movie.

Three: WINTER IS HERE!!!! (You get a million gold stars if you understood the reference before I explain … now.) About six months ago, I marked in my planner when season two of “Game of Thrones” would start … And that date? Is SUNDAY. “Winter is coming” was kind of a mantra for the show throughout its first season. No more waaaaaaiting!

Four: Sticking with the big and small screen happies: This.

These movies became popular when I was in high school, and for me, they represent the start of my favorite genre of movie: the raunchy comedy with a heart of gold.

Now, allow me to highlight the introductory conversation to what I’m anticipating as the greatest hookup ever:

Jim’s dad: Who’re you?

Stilfer’s mom: Stifler’s mom

Jim’s dad: Oh! … I’m Jim’s dad.

Five: I just bought a necklace I’ve wanted for ages.

Naturally, you’re thinking, “Why should it make me happy that you bought a necklace?” Well, my friend, it’s because today’s the last day to use coupon code “spring” in the beautiful little shop from whence Bamboo Italy was born, tru.che. I found out about the sale from tru.che’s Facebook page. Be a fan.

Your turn: What’s making you smile today?

Weird dream: Adam Carolla?

7 Mar

I’ve been watching “The Celebrity Apprentice” this year, primarily because the beau is a major Adam Carolla fan. He listens to his podcast, is reading his book and generally likes the man enough to watch a reality show he’s never had any interest in before.

I haven’t watched Donald Trump since he did the regular “Apprentice” shows, and the celebrity version is quite entertaining.

Last night, the beau and I watched last Sunday’s ep on catchup on On Demand, and I decided once and for all: I think Adam Carolla is dreamy.

Naturally, last night, I dreamed about him. I was at my friend Lindsay’s wedding at her parents’ bed & breakfast. (Lindsay is the friend who just got married in Mexico, and no, her parents do not own a bed & breakfast.) All the guests were staying at the bed & breakfast, and the night before the wedding, I had a long conversation with Carolla. The beau was at the wedding with me, elsewhere, so I was free to flirt to my little heart’s content.

At the wedding the next day, Lindsay sat us at a huge U-shaped table. I was next to the beau, and Carolla was across the U from me. I was nervous that the beau would see me staring at my new crush, but I remember feeling giddy that Carolla’s wife was no where to be found.

And then I woke up.

It’s not the first time TV folks have found their way into my dreams. I have dreamed myself a part of many TV and movie social circles: I’ve been friends with the Pink Ladies, crushing on Kinicke; I’ve been besties with Serena from “Gossip Girl”; I’ve been part of the “Saved by the Bell” clique. I’ve even had a particularly disturbing dream about Ed Norton that makes me start any time I see him now.

Which famous peeps creep their way into your dreams? And seriously, how sexy is Carolla???

Gossip Girl’s 100th episode: That hair! Ugh.

3 Feb

I don’t typically take to my blog for television reactions, but I finally have been able to sit down and watch “Gossip Girl’s” 100th Royal Wedding Extravaganza and … well, I just have to share some of the thoughts rolling around in my head:

* First. And. Foremost. Most importantly. Holy cow, how did this happen … Tell me how every single hairdo in the Wedding of the Century made the character look like a drowned rat? Blair, Serena, the queen … they all looked positively filty. How does that happen when you’re in what is the equivalent of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s union?? Case in point:

Trim your dang dead ends, Princess! (On a side note, bravo on one of my favorite wedding dresses in TV/movie history!)

Her beehive was knotty, her ends were nasty. This could have been smooth and sleek and lovely. Alas ... trash. And Lonely Boy, ditch the styling oil, would you?

It does not appear the queen is important enough to merit a photo, but let’s just say for royalty, her ‘do made even Blair and Serena’s look put-together.

* A major spoiler here: Why, oh why, did the writers feel it was necessary to out Gossip Girl? I mean, Georgina makes perfect sense, but I love not knowing who it is. The reveal is completely unnecessary; at this point, GG is just a plot device to advance the story. Throwing out GG’s identity seems unnecessary, especially given how much we, as viewers, haven’t been wondering lately. That story line hasn’t been touched much since last season, even with Serena’s ploy to take GG down.

* So are we to believe that Dan and Blair are now going to give it a go? After he knows what she feels for Chuck, and that only bad things can happen? Ohhh, to be young and stupid.

* That was a Catholic wedding, right? And the Catholics allow annulments if a marriage was never consummated, correct? So Blair and Louis can have an annulment? Or is that not an option because the wedding was consummated plenty before the nuptials?

I sound like I’m bitching, but it’s only in an effort to find someone to gab about this with. I’ve loved “Gossip Girl” since season one. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures — if you love something, own it, baby — but this is definitely the most soap opera-y thing I enjoy.

Did you watch? Did their hair bother anyone else??? (Seriously, out of every issue raised here, the hair thing pisses me off the most.)

Fill in the blank Friday

11 Nov

I’m linked up with Lauren today. Link up, too, or pick a blank and leave your response in the comments!

My favorite new blog of the moment is a young black woman. I don’t think it’s new per se, but I discovered in a month or two ago, so it’s one of the newer ones I read. Ashley’s writing style is fantastic, and her posts make me think, “Yeah, we’d be friends.”

Something I am thankful for is oh, so much! Most obviously: For the wonderful friends and family who love me and make me feel special every day. Thanks, kids ❤

Something that made me laugh this week was “Big Bang Theory” last night. Sheldon’s fear of the bird … shattering the glass with the ultrasonic blast … befriending the bird … “Get back here, you stupid bird, so I can love you!” Yeah, I loved it all.

An item that is currently on my wish list is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.” I can never justify spending that much on purfume — especially when I’m such a fan of the lovely (and affordable) scents at Victoria’s Secret. Pink is ma fav. But every time I get a mag with a sampler of Daisy, I can’t help but smear it all over my wrists and neck. I’m high class.

I am excited about sleeping in tomorrow. I’m just about re-adjusted to the time change from last week’s trip to Phoenix. That three-hour difference is a bitch, let me tell you. We’d get home at 1 a.m. there and think, “Holy god, it’s FOUR A.M. at home.”

If I were a color I would be I took that quiz once. I think it said yellow. I’m pretty happy.

My favorite way to spend a chilly fall day is doing something to get me outside, even if it’s just run to the store, so I am that much happier to store myself beneath a blanket on the couch with a book.

Reminder: I’m still collecting your Awesome photos! Send them to me at jaclyn1423 at yahoo dot com. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check it out here. The photo request is toward the end.

Some unrelated thoughts on a Friday

30 Sep

* It was a raspberry mocha day, but I wanted to switch it up. So I got a caramel mocha. Probably not that big of a switch, but holy hell, it’s delicious.

* Dried apricots are the best thing you could put in a scone.

No, I did not make them myself, but I found this uber sweet blog post (click on the pic to go there) with a recipe for them.

* Most of my clothes come from Kohls, Penney’s, Old Navy and NY & Company. I like trendy things that are affordable. I’m not much into Express or Banana Republic or other trendy stores I deem too rick for my blood. Today, however, I’m wearing a pair of Banana pants. I found them at a local Good Will. They’re actually lined. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of lined pants. Also, they fit like a glove. I still don’t think I’d pay full price for them — they were $8 for me — but I can appreciate the quality difference.

I don't think these are the exact pant, but they look pretty much like this.

* I’m wearing an adult friendship bracelet I made. I think this bugger is sturdy enough to introduce to the shop! I’m way excited about it. It has a tiny chevron pattern and is made out of that colored thread you used to make friendship bracelets when you were in junior high. But it has a bit of chain, and a real clasp, so you don’t have to tie a knot and just wait for it to fall off.

* I’ve been wanting to start a monthly e-mail newsletter. I figure I’ll send my first one (which will very  much be a trial run) after the bracelets get posted. If you’d like to be on the list (I swear I won’t spam you), let me know! Be sure to include your e-mail address with the comment. Or is this a silly idea? Do the blog and Facebook and Twitter suffice? (Man, when I put it like that …)

* My $10 off gift certificate goes away after today! Have you gotten yours?

* I’m dying to see The Help. I think it will be a Sunday solo matinee.

* I WILL finish “A Game of Thrones” this weekend. I have a ridiculous little 1960s beach read next, because when you finish a 700+ page book, you need to follow that with dribble, even if said 700+ page book is so flippin’ amazing you want to dig through the pages until you find a Narnia-like hole that will take you to Winterfell.

Peter Dinklage plays (and won an Emmy for!!!) Tyrion Lannister. He's amazing, and one of the main reasons the TV show is ((gasp!)) better than the book. Yes, the book rocks, but the author, George R.R. Martin, also writes the show. So obviously, it's reeeeally well done.

Your turn. Tell me something unrelated.



Want some Riesling?

12 Apr

I met the beau for lunch today, and he wasn’t quite himself. He was quiet, down, and for no apparent reason.

So I told him, “At 9 p.m., you come over. I will provide you with a movie you will enjoy and booze. Yes?”


So I just went to purchase said booze. I needed correction fluid too, so I thought, “Where can I get White Out and wine? Why, Walgreens of course!” (I should have gotten a pap smear while I was there, too.) (If you don’t get that last reference, watch this clip of Stephen Colbert. Make it past the Obama/Boehner thing. It gets good around 2:05, but for the pap smear stuff, get to 3:25.)

Now, I know Walgreens’ supply of wine isn’t going to be huge, but I was hoping to find a Riesling.

They had a single kind. This was it.

That’s the Riesling in the center. Next to it, on the right, is a bottle of wine a friend brought me back from Italy. I saved it cause, duh, it’s from Italy. It is also a regular size bottle of wine. The wine glass is a regular size wine glass.

Want to have a glass? I think I might have enough.