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Swooning over Blue Nile jewelry

7 Aug

I’ve a fan of Blue Nile on Facebook, and it’s one of my favorite Facebook discoveries. I love to browse the website and drool over all the gorgeous. Come holiday time, the beau just might be getting sent some links for gift ideas for moi.

So this edition of My Favorite Things is all about Blue Nile. All my faves are from their sale section. If you see something you like, use code “summer32” at checkout to receive 20 or 35 percent off. Not too shabby.

First off, holy amazing. It’s like a pearl necklace in sterling. I adore the look of this. It somehow mixes elegant and classic with industrial and chic. Swoon. (Click on any of the pics for more.)

I’m not a painter, but I would wear the crap out of this thing. The tiny bursts of color on the pallet are just perfect.

I think I’d wear these earrings everyday. So simple and lovely.

I can’t get over the chain link on this bracelet. Gorgeous.

And that’s just sterling. Check out the diamond and gemstone jewelry sale items too.

Happy browsing. What’s your favorite item?

Have you entered the Artsy Anthropology giveaway yet? Win a key chain wallet here.


Ode to watches

16 Jun

I have a bit of a thing for watches. I don’t wear one all the time, but when I discover one I love, it won’t leave my wrist until it falls off and breaks in an O’Charley’s parking lot (RIP, favorite watch ever).

A few weeks ago, the beau and I went to Nashville with some friends. The long weekend was glorious, filled with bar hopping to see some amazing live bands and a lot of shopping. Jeff had his best friend to drink with while the wife and I wandered. It was a dang good set-up.

One of our discoveries a little outside of Nashville was this enormous indoor outlet mall. And my favorite store at outlet malls? Why, Wilsons Leather, of course.

I’ve been told before that this is a strange favorite to have. But I love the store. Their jackets are killer, and their accessories are wonderful.

Why, just look at my new watch:

(The irony was not lost on me that in a store called Wilsons Leather, I walked out with a purchase that had nary a patch of leather on it.)

This watch? Yeah, it makes me ridiculously happy. The photo makes it look much blingier than it is. But I love the six loose rhinestones dancing around the face, and I love the “manly” feel of the band. It reminds me of The Best Watch ever, that broke.

I swear, the last time I was at NY & Company, it was still there. I can’t find it online, but there are more over which I swoon (click on the pics for more):

Also available in silver, which I think I prefer, but I can’t seem to get at the photo.

I’m also super into the trend of rose gold watches too:

Are you a watch wearer? Do you love the intricacies of them too, and like the way they double as big, awesome cuff bracelets? If you wear one, what do you look for in them?

What do I think of this necklace?

15 May

I like me a rockin’ bib necklace, I really do.  I have two or three, and they don’t get pulled out terribly often, but when I do wear them, I feel awesome.

I don’t have an image of my No. 1 fav bib necklace (it’s gold chain with little spiky things), but here’s a goodie of my No. 2.

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of beaded bib necklaces. Not like tiny seed beads, but those big, giant beads that look like your brother’s kid put the necklace together and expects you to wear it to work.

And these necklaces make go “Ew.”

Well, twice today have I come across toy beaded bib necklaces (because, let’s face it, they should be sold next to the building blocks at Toys R Us) that made me say, “Um … I don’t hate this.”

The first time today was at Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink over at the Tickle me Tuesday linkup. The blogger featured this bad boy in her list of favorite things, and I sort of adore it. (Click on the pic for more.)

Beaded bib sighting No. 2 came at the ever-favorite What I Wore blog, where Jessica paired her mint green necklace with a mint green shirt and totally rocked it.

So what do we think of this design? Possibly not awful, depending upon how it’s worn? Or uggo-no-matter-what?

Poor April babies

20 Oct

Hey, happy Snap Crackle readers! Check me out over at The Good Life, blogging about my beloved (and hated) birthstone: the diamond.

Because no one should have to wait to get a birthstone ring.

I sure didn’t. This has been hands-down my most-worn piece of jewelry for the last five years.

Power of the Purse

27 Sep

I spent the evening at the Power of the Purse event. Our local Women United — a branch of the United Way — put it on to raise money for children’s literacy. (You may have picked up on the fact that I’m obsessed with books, so I totally dig the cause.)

The gal I worked with to get the Cancer Services’ Count Moments necklaces and bracelets going also serves on the Women United board, and she asked if I’d be willing to design a commemorative necklace for the event. Seeing as it’s called Power of the Purse, I had a pretty obvious inspiration.

What do you think?

Instead of a traditional necklace, these pieces are lariats. The enameled purse charm slips right into the ring at the end of the chain. It’s 20 inches from end to end and can be worn as a Y-necklace or looking more traditional. All of the pieces are silver-plated.

I’d never been to any event like it. There were dozens and dozens of purses donated from local shops and people, waiting for purse-happy women to silently bid on them. I went after one of the six or seven Dooney & Burkes I saw and was promptly out-bidded.

But the aloud auction was where the jaw-dropping stuff went down. An Alexander McQueen messenger bag went for $875. Actually, it was a steal, as it retailed for something like $3,500.

But that wasn’t the most jaw-dropping stuff. No, that was when the auctioneers asked folks to donate $50, $100 or $600 to fund a week, a month or a semester of schooling for an underprivileged kid. You couldn’t help but blink back tears at the generosity you saw in the room as auction number after auction number got flicked up in the air.

I was happy to help raise some money for the cause, as half of every $30 necklace goes back to Women United to fund children’s literacy. I do, however have some leftovers, so if you’re interested, let me know! Leave a comment about it, or shoot an e-mail to Jaclyn1423 at yahoo dot com.

My awesome man bracelet

10 Sep

Remember how a few weeks ago I was commissioned to make a “man bracelet”? The fellow stopped by at a festival right as I was packing up and asked for one. He said he wanted something chunky and in turquoise. I dug up this necklace, which I had already put away:

He got very excited. “That is exactly the stone I want!” I ripped the above necklace up to make his bracelet … which, I have to say, is kind of awesome. I sort of want to buy some similar stones to make similar styles. See?

What do we think? Is this something I should bring a few of to Jaclyn1423 or Women’s Jewelry (assuming I stick with it)?


Bad Photo Taker!

17 May

I’ve been really terrible at getting photographs lately, and I’ve sent out a number of pretty cool orders.

OK, my camera isn't nearly as cool as this, but you get the idea. (Photo from Lola's Room. Click on the pic for more.)

First off, the woman who won the personalized mommy necklace asked for a tweak: Instead of it looking like the Jaclyn1423 version, she asked for a puzzle piece take. She has two sons, and one has autism. Both of their names start with a B. So I made her a sterling charm necklace with a sterling puzzle piece, a sterling B and the birthstone Swarovkis — sapphire for September and opal for Ocotber.

She also indicated that she’d like something for her husband. We worked on a keychain for autism — it included a pewter puzzle piece and a trio of Czech glass beads: two oranges and a white, for Clemson.

I also recently shipped off two dozen autism necklaces to a woman I met through Twitter. She had tweeted that she was getting ready for a big autism conference. I inquired about it, and she told me it was in Chicago. She bought a booth to help other autism-awareness supporters. She has three children, and all are on the autism spectrum. She runs the Sharonsweb Autism Foundation website.

None of the necklaces were exactly the same. Half were 16 inches and half were 18. All had a puzzle piece, but half included a pewter cross and a Czech glass bead while the other half had three Czech glass beads. She’s going to sell them at the conference to try and offset the booth’s costs.

And last night, I spent an hour and a half buying goodies to make jewelry for two friends’ bridesmaids. Their styles and tastes couldn’t be more different, but I’m so excited to get started.

There will definitely be photos of those.