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Q&A and giveaway with Artsy Anthropology

3 Aug

I “met” Miss Paige over on Twitter when I saw a tweet requesting an ad swap. Man, I was in.

Paige runs the Artsy Anthropology blog and Etsy shop, and I’d love to introduce her to you guys. Be sure to read through the end, where she’s giving away an awesome little treat.

Reason No. 1 why she’s awesome: Through Wednesday, Paige is donating 10 percent of every purchase from her shop to Pencils of Promise, a group that builds schools for those who don’t otherwise have access to education.

Tell me about your blog. I originally started my blog to promote my shop, but then I realized I just liked blogging. Sharing recipes, tutorials and getting to meet other bloggers is so fun!

Tell me about your shop. I started off making jewelry, really just a way to occupy my time while nannying during my year after undergrad, then while in grad school. Then I moved on to hair accessories, and now I’m sewing. I still do it all, but the sewing is the must fun and rewarding — I think that’s because the projects are bigger and have more color. I sell on Etsy to keep my pile of things from getting too big! I also sell a lot to my mom, her friends and a few local shops in town.

What do you consider the most overrated movie? Something people just love but you don’t think deserves any of the love. UGH … Anchor Man, Napoleon Dynamite, Borat … really!? What happened to movies like Jaws, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Knotting Hill?!

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon. What can we find you doing? Probably working at P.F. Chang’s in the morning, coming home and sewing while watching movies or reruns of some show on Netflix. Currently I’m working my way back through One Tree Hill. I’m sure once I go back to school this fall there will be homework in there too.

If we asked your best friend to describe you, what would he or she say? That I’m a boring homebody that needs to go out and party and drink more … haha. But she loves me anyway. No but seriously, all my friends will tell you that I like to be in my own space, being creative, maybe drinking a glass of wine and watching a good movie. They all like it though, because it means they get killer birthday and Christmas presents 😉

Paige is offering up TWO goodies for this giveaway: The winner’s choice of one of her key chain wallets AND ad space on Artsy Anthropology. If by chance the winner doesn’t have a blog or shop to advertise, a second winner will be chosen.

Want to enter? Here’s how:

  • This is a MANDATORY entry: First, wander on over to the Artsy Anthropology Etsy shop and heart your favorite item. Second, you gotta be a Snap, Crackle, Pop follower. Leave one comment on this blog post with the link of your favorite Artsy Anthropogy item AND the way that you follow my blog.

Want more ways to enter? Leave a comment for each saying you’ve done the bulleted item:

This giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada and will be open through midnight, Aug. 10. Good luck, all!