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My own fill in the blank Friday: Swimming, Oreos and ‘Cujo’

13 Jul

For this week’s fill-in-the-blank Friday, I’m creating my own blanks. I’ve never figured out how to make a linkup work on WordPress (I think they don’t offer me the option since I still use the freebe server), so instead, pick a blank or two and fill them out in the comments!

I think tent camping is fun. I wouldn’t want to do it for more than two or three days in a row, but a sleeping bag and a tent set up near a lake makes my heart happy.

The last time I went swimming this summer is I haven’t! No idea how that happened. Hopefully, this is remedied this weekend.

The next vacation I’m taking is to Cincinnati. The beau and I are meeting up with the bestie at her folks’ lake house, and I’m beyond giddy. I haven’t seen my lovely maid of honor since I’ve been engaged, and I need a proper hug-and-jump.

If a chef materialized with all his or her cooking supplies and an unlimited pantry RIGHT NOW, you would request deep fried Oreos. Pathetic, I know. But I allow myself the treat once a year during our big local festival, and I will be partaking this Tuesday. If you’ve never had a deep fried Oreo, don’t knock it ’til you try it; the Oreos essentially melt in the hot oil, so when you bite into the fried cookie, the inside is like melted fudge. Drool.

The book or magazine currently residing on your nightstand is “Cujo,” by Stephen King.

I so love a great old-school book cover.

One of your biggest quirks is that I cannot stand it when someone breaks the spine of a book I’m reading. I love used books. I don’t mind what they look like when I get them. But when I buy a book new, I keep it looking just about perfect.


Jac’s imaginary dinner party

15 Jun

Lauren over at The Little Things We Do has revamped how she does Fill In The Blank Friday a little — it’s more prompt based, less “fill in the blank” based. And today’s theme tickles me, so I’m in!

If I were to host a dinner party, I would invite anyone in my town I think would come. The theme would be mixed drinks. The beau and I held a wine and cheese party a few months ago, and it rocked. We’ve been talking about how cool it would be to have a variety of liqueurs you’d never buy yourself with a variety of mixers and do tastes of mixed drinks. I stress “tastes” because this kind of party could really knock you on your ass if you’re not careful! I would host it in my new home. Because I now live in a house, and it deserves to remain one of the places our friends come to hang out. We would eat maybe finger foods? Chicken wings and veggie and dip and the like? It would look like my house. Because I’m not one to spend money on decorations when I can spend it on food and booze. Don’t judge, that’s just how I be. OK, maybe a helium balloon or two so when we’re feeling especially silly, we can do a rendition of the Chipmunks’ “Christmas Time Is Here.”

And because I’m obsessed with pretty martini glasses, maybe we’d drink our drinks out of one of these (Click on any image to see more):

Um, these glasses may have just encouraged me to register at Macy’s. I want!!

What would your dinner party look like if you were to give it a theme other than “come, sit, enjoy”?

Fill in the blank Friday

18 May

Something very near and dear to my heart is penmanship. When I read about some schools no longer teaching cursive writing, it makes me sad.

Out of town friends visiting this weekend is good cause to celebrate.

The most fun I ever had was oh man, I can’t come up with just one! Let’s go with … trip to San Diego 2 1/2 years ago with my friend Erin. It was laid back and low-key, just like vacations should be. Alarm clocks on vacation are the devil, as are itineraries.

True friends are rare. And they are to be valued. And you should tell them often how much they mean to you.

This seemed like a good image for this blank. This is the engagement card I received from the bestie. The inside reads, “I’m glad I have you to make bad decisions with.”

Something that makes me terribly happy is every time I move something else into Jeff’s..

A good way to spend a sunny day is going on a walk in some kind of nature preserve. And lots of ice cold Coke.

My favorite celebratory food is ice cream. I’ve taken to a new DIY yogurt shop in town. I like the birthday cake yogurt topped with pulverized graham crackers, tiny cheesecake squares and cookie dough crumbles.

Pick a blank, fill it in, in the comments! And have a glorious weekend, my friends.

On birthdays and Mochi

13 Apr

I’m linked up with the little things we do. As always, pick a blank and fill it in, in the comments. Happy Friday’ing!

Today is a good day because as I type, my bestie is packing her bags to come visit me!! My birthday is tomorrow, and for the first time since high school, I’ll get to spend it with her. Wheeee!!

The best thing I did all week was probably last night. The beau and I met up with our friends Steve and Sara for some hibachi. The two highlights of the meal: the bottle of peach sake I split with  Steve (HIGHLY recommended. I thought I hated sake, but one, it’s gross warm, and two, the fruity kind is sooooo light and delicious) and the weird green tea ice cream with the skin. It’s a particular brand called Mochi. It comes in little balls,  and it’s possibly my favorite ice cream.

Mochi whole

Mochi sliced

The current weather is sunny and chilly.

The best thing about spring is getting to play outside again.

A fashion trend I’m dying to try out for spring is probably funky nails, which I’ve tried a bit. I’ve gone all nails a brownish gray with one watermelon pink nail, and I’ve done white nails with pink, brownish gray and green polka dots. I have recently come into a large amount of neon polish, so I may play 13-year-old girl and go for every-nail-a-different-color next. Currently, they’re a dark pink/purple.

A person who made me smile this week was my boss. She’s on this Old Navy review board thing and got a few coupons for free bottoms and shoes. So a group of us went yesterday during lunch for our goodies. I got a fab skirt and rockin’ pair of shoes. See?

The most delicious thing I ate all week was definitely the Mochi. I seriously love those weird little balls. (Forgive me, but I must: That’s what she said.)

On a separate note, will you do me a favor? Hop on over to my Facebook page and take 11 seconds to answering a single quickie poll question. Mucho appreciated!

It’s the little things … about moi

30 Mar

I’m linked up with the little things we do today for a fill-in-the-blank Friday. As always, pick a blank and fill it in in the comments! (Click on any of the images to be taken to that item on Etsy.)

My greatest strength is my ability to listen. I think I have a pretty good ear, and when a friend will come to me with any issues, I like to be able to help. Also, I can quack like a mother. (Or rather, like a two-bit imitation Donald.)

My greatest weakness is I’m messy. Also, the amount of empathy I have for others is too much. I think empathy is a good thing, but I honestly wish I had less.

People always compliment me on my hair. A girl in high school used to tell me I could do a Pantene Pro-V commercial. She sat behind me in chorus and always used to play with my hair.

Frankly, I always wished my hair looked like this. Redheads are hot.

If you found me procrastinating, you’d probably find me reading. Or playing on Etsy.

The most cozy place in all the world is my bed. Sometimes it’s coziest when I’m in there alone with all its queen-sizeness to my sweet self. Sometimes it’s coziest when Jeff’s in there, laughing at me because I’m always cold, and I always marvel that he’s always toastily warm. (I’ve joked that I’m vampire before it was cool to be a vampire. I swear I have less blood than I should.)

Something new that I tried recently was making my own guacamole. It was delicious. I will be making it again, with a touch more spices.

This weekend I would like to see “The Hunger Games” at The Cinema Grill. I’ve not read the book, but I imagine at some point, the characters will be hungry. I would like to have a chicken sandwich to offer them should this occur.

Fill in the blank Friday

2 Mar

I’m linked up with Lauren over at The Little Things We Do for some fill-in-the-blank Friday’ing.

The highlight of my week was planning all the visits I’m going to get over the next few months! Having your closest friends live coast-to-coast is lonely, but between now and May, I’ll get to see three of them. Including spending my bday with the bestie for the first time since high school — she’s totally taking me to a John Mayer concert, and I’m already vibrating with happy.

If I had to identify my interior design aesthetic, it would be college chic. Can’t do much else with a tiny one-bedroom.

My first vehicle was a red 1999 Mazda 626.

An item I need to have in my day in order to function is … hmmmm. Non existent? I don’t require caffeine or any particular treat. Addictions make me sad! I get addicted to caffeine super easily, so I try not to have it two days in a row. If I do something crazy like have it even three or four days in a row and go without the following day, I’m hit the a terrible migraine. Baaaad.

My favorite way to waste time is Facebook.

Right now, I could really go for a London Fog.

This weekend I will be having a lovely, low-key one. Friends coming over for dinner tonight, some shopping plans with friends tomorrow. C’est tout!

Pick a blank and fill it out in the comments, yo.

Fill in the blank Friday: The travel edition

27 Jan

Link up with your travel blank-fillers over at the little things we do.

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is San Diego, no contest.

Italy is somewhere I’d love to go someday. But we all know that, so let me get specific: I want to go to Naples and eat pizza where it originated. I don’t want to stay in Naples because I hear its dirty and gross. I want to stay in a little down outside Naples and just go into the city to stuff my face.

I pass the time when I’m traveling by reading, for sure, or occasionally writing. Travel is a great muse for poetry.

My three must-haves when I travel are a book, a blank lined journal and a pen.

My favorite travel companion completely depends on the destination. The beau is amazing to travel with (it’s one of the major reasons we work, I like to travel too much to be with someone who would never step foot on a plane), but I think a place like Vegas or downtown Chicago or NYC would be much better with girlfriends.

The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is the entirety of the trip to visit my folks after they moved. I flew to see them from college, and on the trip there, my flight got delayed. I wanted to tell my folks so they knew to pick me up later, but this was before I had a cell phone AND I didn’t know their new number. I called my grandparents to see if they did, and my grandpa picked up. Now, my grandpa is ADORABLE … and he doesn’t speak English well at all. Nani wasn’t there, so I had to ask Papa. It went like this:

“Papa! It’s Jaclyn.”

“Bata Papa! How are you?!” (“Bata Papa” is like he’s calling me his heart.)

“I’m good. Papa, I need my parents’ phone number. Do you have it?”

“Nana’s not here.”

“I know, Papa, but do you know what my parents’ phone number is?”

“Ohhhh … wait.” And he walked away. And I thought, “Holy hell, what is happening?” And he came back and gave me the number. I still don’t know how that happened.

My adorable papa with one of my aunts and three of my cousins this past Thanksgiving.

Then on the drive home … my ride never showed up. A friend’s roommate lived very close to the airport, and he offered to pick me up. After an hour — again, I had no way to call this person, as he wasn’t yet back in his dorm and I didn’t know his parents’ number — I got a cab. I had exactly the right amount of cash on me to pay for it. The next day when I was in my friend’s dorm, the roommie came up to me and handed me a 2-liter of pop and a large pizza to say he was sorry.

The most exotic thing I’ve ever tried while traveling is I can’t think of anything. I’ve tried weird things — cicadas baked in cookies, cow stomach — but that was just everyday life.

If I could live anywhere else, it’d be San Diego … or anywhere outside the Midwest that speaks English.

I have been to 15 states in the United States. I think. I had to count them up.