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Swooning over Blue Nile jewelry

7 Aug

I’ve a fan of Blue Nile on Facebook, and it’s one of my favorite Facebook discoveries. I love to browse the website and drool over all the gorgeous. Come holiday time, the beau just might be getting sent some links for gift ideas for moi.

So this edition of My Favorite Things is all about Blue Nile. All my faves are from their sale section. If you see something you like, use code “summer32” at checkout to receive 20 or 35 percent off. Not too shabby.

First off, holy amazing. It’s like a pearl necklace in sterling. I adore the look of this. It somehow mixes elegant and classic with industrial and chic. Swoon. (Click on any of the pics for more.)

I’m not a painter, but I would wear the crap out of this thing. The tiny bursts of color on the pallet are just perfect.

I think I’d wear these earrings everyday. So simple and lovely.

I can’t get over the chain link on this bracelet. Gorgeous.

And that’s just sterling. Check out the diamond and gemstone jewelry sale items too.

Happy browsing. What’s your favorite item?

Have you entered the Artsy Anthropology giveaway yet? Win a key chain wallet here.


My favorite things

31 Jul

In which I share some beautiful things.

I adore the colors in this Caught Red Handed Too bracelet (click on any of the pics for more):

The pattern and style of this ring by Les Things is beautifully simple:

I’m not sure what I love more, the sentiment or the typewriter in this Sweet Harvey print:

I’m currently accepting ideas how I can use this fab ribbon by The Lonely Heart in my wedding decor:

Which is your fav?

My favorite things

5 Jul

I think these things are pretty. I hope you do, too. (Click on the pics to see more.)

Via Siren Jewels:

Um, holy awesome bracelet for a bride, Batman. Via Emin Jewelry:

 I know this is a photo and not a stuffed animal. No matter, I want to take this thing, rub my face in it and make the noise “bawwwwwww.” (It makes sense, I swear. Autism is largely a sensory thing, and when my brother was little, he loved to rub soft things on his face. That’s the noise he’d make. My family turned it into a verb: “Aw, Joey’s baw’ing himself.”) Via: Raceytay

And these? These just rock. Via Doble Ele:

 Which is your fav??

My Favorite Things: The eShakti edition

19 Jun

Sarah over at Yes Teacher Crafts announced that this will be the final Tickle Me Tuesday linkup for a while, so naturally, I need to play along.

This batch of goodies all come from eShakti, an online clothing store a friend introduced me to a few months ago. Aside from uber cute dresses at great prices (most are less than $70), you can enter your measurements to make sure the dress will fit — for no extra cost. Not bad for online shopping, hmm?

I’ve been perusing these dresses especially close for the past few weeks because I’m thinking about picking my bridesmaid dresses from there. Every time I look, I find a new favorite. If I can find a group that looks nice together, I might choose them all and tell the girls, “Here, pick one.” I’m all about dresses that “go” but aren’t identical.

The fabulous one below has an equally fabulous sister version here.

I actually like all the colors in Her fifties colorblock sundress, seen below in the print block pattern.

I like the green one, pictured below, and the navy. I still want a print, I think, but the cut of this dress is so adorable with that little collar tie.

Be careful before you browse: This site is a major time suck (in the best way possible)!

My favorite things

12 Jun

I’m linking up for this batch of My Favorite Things for the Yes Teacher Craft’s Tickle Me Tuesday, which features Jac & Elsie this week!!

I’m loving on this little leaf ring and how it stacks so brilliantly with Nested Yellow’s other pieces. (Click on any of the images to see more.)

Amen, sister.

I really like flat note cards, and this deal is beyond amazing. If the graphic designer beau wasn’t designing all our wedding papery goodies, I’d totally use these for our wedding thank-yous.

And because this is just an awesome way to dock an iSomething … and because I JUST GOT MY TICKETS TO SEE HIM LIVE IN DECEMBER …

And, if I might reiterate that … Stephen King … and me … in the same room. Tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. June 1, the day I was driving with friends to Nashville. I started to call at 9:59 a.m. I had planned to spend too much to get the right-up-close seats. Well, by the time I finally got through at 10:16 or so, all those close seats were sold out.

So come December, the beau and I will be traveling to Massachusetts to see The Man.

((takes a deep breath))


My favorite things: The wedding ring edition

22 May

Yesterday, I scoured Etsy for wedding rings. The beau never wears jewelry and, I’m certain, has NO idea what he wants. Me? I want something insanely simple and plain. The side views of my engagement ring are amazing, and I refuse to layer anything over it, so I want my wedding band to be something I throw on when I don’t feel like wearing bling. Or maybe I’ll just wear one on the ring finger of each hand.

I do love it when his and her bands match, so my first goal is to see what he chooses and figure out if I can get a similar version.

Anywho, I was amazed at how many amazing bands exist on Etsy. Because my ring is white gold and I adore rose gold, I searched for the latter as a way to maybe switch it up. Here are some of my favs. (Click on any of the images to see more.)

This hammered style is incredible. This is technically a men’s ring, but I bet it’d be easy to do a his-and-her style like this.

The shop has this listed as a wedding band and engagement ring, but the design is oh-so sweet. I think the two could easily double as either.

Two-toned awesomeness

Not sure how I feel about sterling wedding bands, but the little diamonds in the ring coupled with its insane tininess and rustic feel make me very happy.

OK, this is David Yurman, not Etsy. But I’ve been obsessed with David Yurman since I started getting women’s mags in college and drooling over the ads. This rope design has always been one of my favorites.

What does your wedding band look like? How did you pick it out? Did it match your engagement ring or your husband’s band? Or was it another design entirely?

Lots of new favorite shops

15 May

I’ve recently discovered some amazing paper-products shops that I feel I must give a shoutout to for this week’s Tickle Me Tuesday linkup with Yes Teacher Crafts. (Click on any of the images to see more.)

Sarah (the Yes Teacher Crafts blogger) actually featured a print from Laura Amiss on her favorites today, and after browsing through the shop, I’m in love. The shop’s style is gorgeous, the color choices are perfect, and I absolutely adore the use of mixed media for a collage that feels much more like a painting than a mishmash of images and textures (which, let’s face it, many collages turn into).  This shoe pint is a perfect example of her use of fabric.

I was recently featured in a treasury with milkandhoney05, and I clicked through to the shop and hearted a bunch of pretties. The designs are super simple, the colors are super beautiful and the prices are super reasonable. I think this color combo makes me happiest. (The sentiment doesn’t hurt, either. I’ve been on the look out for an awesome home-related print to celebrate moving into a real home [apartment living just doesn’t feel like a real home to me, and it hasn’t for years].)

I don’t recall how I discovered Nouveau Nancy, but the shop’s cards rock. I love that they incorporate newspaper, and the crafter has an amazing eye for design. Often, I find handmade cards made with paper look childish and unprofessional, but these designs are brilliant. And the vintage flair doesn’t hurt, either.

Again, I don’t recall how I found Perch Paper Co., but I find the shop’s “Oh you” cards soooo sweet. However, after further investigation, considering the lovely dovey schmoopsy place I’m in right now, I have to feature this one.

Which shop’s style is your fav?