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Joey’s Auction 2011 raised …

16 Aug

… $408!

I’m waiting for a few more checks to arrive, but barring any problems, I’ll be sending Elim the checks at the end of the week. A big thank you to everyone who bid and donated and gave extra cash. I appreciate your help so much. Buying for Joey is impossible, and it’s nice to know I can give him something that will be more useful and appreciated — even if he doesn’t directly realize that he’s appreciating it.

Joey and me this past Christmas

Joey turns 22 today. I turned 22 in 2005, a few months before I graduated college.

A group of friends saw to it that I had an amazing birthday dinner — we all went to a fondue restaurant near campus. We ordered melty cheese and dipped chunks of bread in it. It was a Thursday night, and the restaurant was all but empty. Probably for the best — I’m sure we were pretty obnoxious, and at one point, I opened a gift that, erm, required batteries.

Somewhere are photos of me grasping the fondue forks like I’m ready to get stabby with them. There are group shots somewhere. There are memories in the minds of my friends who helped me celebrate: Lindsay, Andrew, John, Morgan, Grace, Lauren. I wore a pretty dress, and after dinner, I met a boy I had just started to date for a drink so he could wish me happy birthday, too.

Joey, meanwhile, will probably get some French fries. Mom will take him to McDonalds or White Castle. He’ll drink so much pop that you’ll hear it sloshing around in his belly when he walks. Mom will make him a cake because you can’t not make him a cake, even though he won’t eat it, and then my parents will sing him happy birthday because the only thing he likes more than having people sing him happy birthday is blowing out candles. I’m not sure when I’ll get home next, but chances are, whenever I do, we’ll probably sing again.

Happy birthday, Joeyface. I love you.


Auction No. 19: Handmade note cards

12 Aug

Hey all! It’s the final Joey’s Auction this year! Everyone cheer!

Meet Stephanie, who, if you read Snap, Crackle, Pop with any regularity, you’ve met. She’s been my bestie since sixth grade, and she’s definitely been featured on the blog before. (And those are just from 2011.)

She is donating six adorable hand-made cards — two birthday, one wedding, one thank you and two baby. Each is blank inside, and envelopes are included.

Each card is made with acid-free cardstock and created with Stampin’ Up stamps.

Find her online at Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat. You won’t find cards there, but you will find a lot of “me figuring out motherhood while raising my son, William, and my family’s journey to becoming more eco-friendly.”

This will conclude Sunday evening. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here. If you’d like to donate without making any bids, you can use e-mail address or send me a check. Just leave a comment, and I will e-mail you my address.

Auction No. 18: Dangle earrings

12 Aug

Meet Kathleen, the reason I do what I do! (Seriously, she’s 100 percent responsible for me making jewerly. She had loose beads, she let me play — and I’m still recovering.)

Kathleen offers up handmade earrings for auction. She says:

The earrings start out a a pile of rings and are created link by link. They are made out of aluminum rings, which makes them both incredibly lightweight and immune to tarnishing. The colored rings are anodized aluminum. The coloring is permanent and won’t come off or fade unless the rings are scratched or otherwise damaged.

The winner can personalize the earrings by choosing among red, pink, green, orange, marigold yellow, dark blue, turquoise, purple or iridescent black hoops.

Find Kathleen on Etsy and fan her on Facebook. Her pieces are also found in Art-O-Mat machines around the country. Find your nearest Art-O-Mat here.

This will conclude Sunday evening. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here.

Auction No. 17: Two crochet market totes

11 Aug

Meet Joyce, of Fort Wayne. She is a second time Joey’s Auction crafter. This year, she’s made two crochet market totes, perfect for carrying your haul from the farmer’s market or grocery store. Both bags are made from 100 percent cotton yarn. They are machine washable and dryable.

Each bag is made with 16 individually crocheted squares which are then put together in a spiral-like construction for a really cool affect. I whip stitched the squares into strips and then slipstitched the panels to one another for added stability. The handles are crocheted directly onto the bag for extra stability too. The larger bag (yellow, mauve, green) is 13-inches deep by 13 1/2 inches wide with a 10 1/2-inch handle. The smaller bag (browns and peach) is 10 inches deep and 11 1/2 inches wide with a 10 1/2-inch handle. Both bags fit two half-gallon containers of milk. It should be noted that because they are cotton, use of the bags will cause them to stretch. When that happens, I typically wash and dry them.

You can find Joyce on her blog, My Craft Place.

I won’t be able to close this or the following two auctions on time this weekend, so it will run a tad longer than previous auctions. This will conclude Sunday evening. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here.

Auction No. 16: Mini jewelry organizer

11 Aug

Jen is a second-time donator to Joey’s Auction. This time around, her donation is definitely something I want hanging on my wall. She has made a mini jewelry organizer. It is about 7×7-inches.

The organizer itself is wood, which I painted a dark navy blue. Patterned yellow paper gives the individual boxes a nice pop of color and compliments the blue nicely. Mini saw-tooth picture hangers make it easy to hang from a wall, but it can also work in a drawer. Either way, it’s a great way to display to store your earrings, rings, and brooches!

Find Jen online at Homemade by Jen.

This auction will be open through the morning of Aug. 13. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here.

Auction No. 15: Magenta crazy lace necklace

10 Aug

Meet Marcy, the wonderful jewelry designer who read about Joey’s Auction 2011 the day it launched and said, “I want to help!”

She is donating a necklace that she calls one of her favorites. The necklace is 19 1/2 inches long and made of magenta crazy lace, a semi-precious agate stone, and hematite. It features a sterling clasp.

She says:

I have been beading, making jewelry and hand-knotting pearls for eight years. I started as a way to have jewelry I loved but couldn’t afford.

You can find her in blogland at Marcaritaville. Yes, those are her nine toes in the banner of the blog. Her shop just went live yesterday.

Marcy lives “all the way out in Hopkinton, NH — I live WAAAAAAY out in the boonies. I have lived here all of my life, and now my three kids (who are 10, 12 and 13) go to the same schools I did! And have some of the same teachers.”

This auction will be open through the evening of Aug. 12. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here.

Auction No. 14: Colosseum watercolor

10 Aug

Meet Angela Mapes Turner of Auburn, Ind. This is her second time creating for Joey’s Auction. This year, she offers up an 8×10-inch watercalled called “Colosseo, Roma,” which is matted in an 11×14-inch frame.

The image is inspired by a photo of the Colosseum I took during a recent vacation in Rome. This was my second trip there, and what struck me about the Colosseum is the way it appears to be different colors depending on the light and the time of day. Even on this return trip, it literally stopped me in my tracks when I turned a corner and saw it.

The piece is created on lightly textured watercolor paper using professional-quality watercolor paints; it’s matted under a pre-cut off-white matte and stabilized with a white matboard on the back. The painting is ready to frame and hang and was created with acid-free, high-quality materials to last a lifetime — or several.

Find some more of Angie’s work on her blog, A Small Collection.

This auction will be open through the morning of Aug. 12. Want more details about Joey’s Auction? Click here.

Remember, if you’d like to donate to Joey’s Auction 2011 without bidding on any items, you can do so through PayPal to e-mail address You can also mail me a check — just leave a comment telling me you’re interested, and I’ll e-mail you my address.