How I got engaged

19 Jul

Today, I’m helping out Sarah over at Yes, Teacher Crafts while she spends time with her new baby.

My guest post? How the beau popped the question and why I wanted to kick the lady at my gynecologist’s office in the shins when she asked about it.

Check it out here, then wander back over and tell me: What was your proposal like? Did your other get all crazy creative and romantic? Or did he or she just ask?

3 Responses to “How I got engaged”

  1. Ally July 19, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Over the top romance makes me sorta uncomfortable. That said, my husband surprised me with a limo, and a dozen roses on our “dating anniversary”. I thought it was kinda goofy until the limo driver went past the exit to the restaurant and we ended up at a city overlook. We got out to take in the view and he asked me while presenting me with an old ring he got from my grandmother. I’d never seen the ring before. Before you get all “awww”, it was some sort of tarnished metal of two naked people entwined. (I think my grandparents thought it was hilarious).

    • Jaclyn July 19, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

      That is outstanding. “Honey, will you wear my ring? The people on it got no clothes. That’s not a deal breaker, right?”

  2. Meranda July 20, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    My boyfriend (now fiance) planned to ask me the way your image above displays: With a Scrabble board. We love board games. Scrabble is my favorite game. But the day he planned to do it (right before we headed out for several days vacation to his brother’s place in Paris, TN) … I came home from work several hours early because I dumped a bottle of Snapple down my shirt. He had planned to be there waiting when I got home, but my wardrobe malfunction ruined his plan. He told me that later, after on our last night in Paris (TN) when he proposed. Apparently, he’d carried the ring in his pocket several days waiting for “the moment.” But at that point, we had changed into pajamas and were laying on air mattresses talking, he suddenly popped up as if he forgot something and went to his bag (I should have been tipped off something was strange when he wanted to pack separately since we usually share one suitcase) and grabbed the ring, got down on one knee and asked if I’d marry him. It was perfect precisely because it was so unexpected. We had been discussing marriage for a long time: We bought a house together more than a year earlier, had been looking at rings for a few months, had already gotten price quotes/information from several venues and had picked out our date for next summer six months earlier. The week before he proposed, we went to an outdoor concert at a local park and some guy got engaged to his girlfriend in a huge gesture by asking the MC to announce it. I told Ryan I’d be mortified if he anything that public/over the top. So it was both pleasant to get to share the moment just between us, and also because it was unexpected even though I knew it was coming. I also like it wasn’t cliche like over Valentines dinner or at midnight on New Years Eve. Not to diminish those proposals, but the unexpected nature made it special and just for me. The only downfall? It was midnight, and we were an hour behind my home, so I couldn’t let anyone know until the next morning — you can’t really call your mom out of the blue at 1 a.m. or she’ll think the worst. But it was sweet, and he joked that we’ll always have an inside joke: “We’ll always have Paris.” 🙂

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