How to make an uggo ’80s watch cool again

16 Jul

A few months ago, Jeff and I stopped at a giant flea market mall on the drive down to his niece’s birthday party. There, I found The Booth of Jac’s Dreams. It was two or three times larger than the other booths, and it was full of reasonably priced estate sale jewelry.


I found lots and lots of goodies to repurpose and clean and fix, but perhaps my favorite find was the ugliest watch I’ve ever seen. The band was full of strung enamel charms in white, melon, pink and lavender. And each charm was hairdresser/beautician related: hand mirrors, lipsticks, hairdryers, perfume bottles and combs.

Separate, they were adorable. All together? It was gaudy and ridiculous, and not in a good way.

So I pulled that thing apart to make a series of charm necklaces.

I’m so thrilled with the gold-toned chain I found to go with the pieces. It’s a very white-colored gold. Not like white gold — there’s still a yellow tint — but much brighter than traditional yellow gold. It looks wonderful with the shade of gold of the charms.

I think any match up of two or three or more charms would make awesome friendship necklaces for the beauty-inclined, but I have them listed individually.

Because sometimes, you just need a melon hairdryer on your neck.

For blog readers only, I have a special free shipping code for for this item. If you’re interested, leave me a comment, and I’ll shoot it to you in an email.


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