Spreading the gospel of makeup

11 Jul

A friend just told me today that I’ve encouraged her to try makeup, which she never used to wear, and to experiment with fashion choices.

She’s not the first friend to tell me that. I’ve worn makeup since junior high. I never looked like a baby tramp, I’ve just always thought makeup was fun.

Not me. But awesome.

I blame Mom for that. She wears makeup to the grocery store, and I have very vivid memories of pulling myself up on the bathroom counter to watch her put her makeup on. I saw pretty things in the sweep of the eye shadow, the stroke of the eyeliner, the swipe of the mascara. I saw how her tiny, dark eyes popped after she was done, and I wanted to play, too.

By watching her, I learned instinctively how to apply makeup. I was the only girl at slumber parties who provided makeovers that were actually pretty. I took, and take, pride in knowing which colors will compliment your eye color. I’ve often said if I couldn’t write (I’m a features reporter at a newspaper), I’d be a hair dresser/makeup artist. I think it’d be fun.

Do you wear makeup? How’d you get into it? Was it naturally, by watching a parent? Or did you have a friend that one new year’s even who said, “Give me that! THIS is how you do a smokey eye”? (Yes, I’ve said this to a friend. I taught her, and she rocks it now.)


3 Responses to “Spreading the gospel of makeup”

  1. Rebecca July 12, 2012 at 11:35 pm #

    Oh my gosh, I need a friend like you!! I’m so bad at wearing makeup, at 24 I’m still trying to figure out the best way to put on eyeliner. My makeup routine takes about 30 seconds and consists of moisturizer, powder, and mascara. I’d love to be able to do a good smoky eyes (I have big, dark, deep-set eyes that I’d love to go dramatic with every once in a while). Sigh. None of my friends were ever really into makeup either, so we all just stick to the basics.

    • Jaclyn July 13, 2012 at 10:11 am #

      The easiest way to do a smokey eye is to start with two colors of shadow, a neutral/light color and a darker gray/grown/navy. Sweep the neutral across your entire eyelid, between the lashline and the crease.

      Then take just a dab of the darker color and put it on the outer 1/3 of your lid. How dramatic the look is can be altered by how dark you layer the shadow. Blend the dark into the light with your finger tip — you’ll have more control over the shadow with your finger vs. with an applicator.

      If it’s too dark, just reapply the neutral on inner 2/3 of your lid. Blending is the most important part of this, so you don’t look like you just have stripes on your lids. Playing with mascara and/or liner will make it more dramatic, but the shadows alone will do a pretty good job.

      It might take three or four times to get to get the look you want, but when it clicks, you’ll be floored at how easy it is!!

  2. Magic Minerals July 17, 2012 at 10:19 am #

    The ability to help out a close friend when they can’t figure out what makeup to put on seems to be a nurturing commitment. It helps if they take what they learned and pay it forward to another loved one. Great read.

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