What to make of this texting thing

9 Jul

I sort of ticked off the beau yesterday. After something like five hours spent searching for new phones (comparing plans, making up my mind and one guy manning the mall kiosk equals the longest effing day at the mall everrrrrr), the beau and I marched to our car equipped with bright, shiny new smart phones.

On the walk to the car, I turned to him, entirely serious, and said, “Now. Promise me you will not so much as read a text when you’re in the driver’s seat.”

His response: “I’ll be careful.”

No, I reiterated. Everyone thinks they’re being careful. No fucking texting while you drive.

He felt I got a little to “mom” on him, and maybe I did. Buuuuuut … again, no one ever thinks they’re being careless when they read a text. His brother texts and drives, a lot, and I’ve jokingly chided him about it, but he’s not my fiance. I’m not allowed to scold him with any seriousness. But Jeff? Yeah, he’s allowed to know how serious I am about it. (Note: Jeff is entirely responsible. I don’t think he’ll be an ass about his texting. But those damn AT&T commercials make me want to claw the face of everyone who texts while they drive.)

Frankly, I’ve always loved that Jeff and I are the last two non-octagenarians on the planet who don’t text. I don’t think the U.S. Cingular fellow was lying when he looked at Jeff’s Razr and said, “Wow. This is one of the biggest upgrades I’ve done in a long time.”

All that being said … yes, I am now the owner of an unlimited texting plan. She of the texting is evil proclamations.

Well, here’s a dirty little secret: I’ve wanted to text for some time, but I’ve been petrified about turning into one of those rude asshats I so loathe.

I will consciously be aware of how I am perceived with my phone. When I am in public with my friends, I will try my damnedest to keep that thing in my purse. Unless you’re waiting for an important call, there’s just to reason to keep a phone on the table while you’re talking to a friend. I won’t be that girl.

And, to make things even weirder, I don’t just have a texting plan — I have a smart phone. WTF am I going to do with a smart phone? I have 15 days to decide if I want to keep it, or I can downgrade to a dumb phone. As cool as I think the dang thing is … I feel like I don’t deserve one. That I don’t make enough money to justify one. That it is a total unnecessary luxury, and I’m saving for a wedding, so why on earth would I treat myself to something so silly?

We’ll see how this goes.


One Response to “What to make of this texting thing”

  1. Ally July 9, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Ugh. Texting and driving. We all lived without it once upon a time. We all got to where we were going without having to text anyone or read a text. We can still do that. There really is no text worth the risk. There is nothing THAT important to risk one life or many.

    I’m due to upgrade next month. My phone does get some limited data on it, but it’s not really a “smart phone”. I really want to upgrade to one, but there’s that side of me saying I don’t need to be spending the money on it when I don’t really NEED it. But I want it, and I hate that.

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