Two giveaways and a guest post

9 Jul

Jac & Elsie can be found all over the interwebs this week!

First, I have two shop giveaways going on simultaneously. The first, and largest, is over at Happinest Photo. If you’ve never browsed the Happinest blog, I suggest you take a a minute or 20 and get lost in Janelle and Shane’s incredible work.

I’m giving away $100 for any bride (or, I suppose, non bride who finds herself in want of a whole lot of bridal jewelry) to spend however she likes in The Bride Wore Pearls, the bridal section of Jac & Elsie. If I do say so myself, this is a killer giveaway. Pass the word on to any brides-to-be you know!

The best-seller in The Bride Wore Pearls is easily this single-strand illusion necklace. Easy to customize, easy on the wallet, absolutely beautiful for a bridesmaid or bride.

I’m also giving away a pair of friendship hoop earrings over at dot in the city. There are three colors to choose from — winner’s pick!

Lastly, I’m blogging for my friend Meghan over at Phase Three of Life. The post is, admittedly, a little kooky for a blog with a majority of readers who are young mothers: It’s about how I don’t want kids, and how if you tell me “Oh, you’ll change your mind,” you’re a turd monkey.

OK, I don’t call anyone a turd monkey in the post. It’s much more polite than that.

So stop by Happinest Photo, dot in the city and Phase Three of Life, and be sure to enter/pass it on/say hello!


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