A new window with a view

4 Jul

I just spent the last hour or so running around the sunroom like a crazy person, trying to figure out the best place to take photos. I tried four or five surfaces — some in multiples spots around the room — before I grabbed the white shelf Jeff’s dad cut to give us an extra shelf on the big white bookcase. I set it on a stool and … whelp, that shelf isn’t becoming a shelf. (Or, as Jeff put it, “We could just go spend $6 on another one.” Oh. Right.)

I also spent a bit of time wandering around the room, wearing Jac & Elsie jewelry to photograph, holding a mirror up and checking the background from just about every angle and every corner of the room. The curtains in there are sort of the worst thing ever. I will get to making new ones this summer, but not yet.

I finally found a corner by the door leading outside without any uggo curtains ruining the pretty earrings or necklace. But I’m sure I looked like a crazy person in the process.

I think my favorite part of “finding the best place to take photos” was looking outside and seeing this:

It’s not the greatest tree ever, or ducks, or a pond. It’s just Jeff. He totally trumps awesome trees and ducks.

He’s raking up from the crazy storm we had over the weekend. We came home from my parents’ to find an entire tree down in the back. It fell pretty much the only way it could to create absolutely no damage to property — not to our roof or sunroom windows, not to any of the fence, not to any other neighbors’ property. He and his dad spent all morning chainsaw’ing it up and bringing the remnants to a local debris collection site. They’re all around the city. That storm did lots of damage. It hit Friday night and as of yesterday, I heard from a coworker that he still didn’t have power.

Anywho, that’s my laid back and fabulous fourth for now. Check back at Jac & Elsie later today for some new treats, and I hope your weekend is slightly cooler than mine! (We’re supposed to hit 100. Awesome.)

And, a quickie wedding update for anyone who’s interested: We have a venue!! And a date!!! May 5, 2013, I’m gonna be a Mrs.


One Response to “A new window with a view”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart July 4, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    Should I be embarrassed to admit that we’re doing absolutely nothing for the 4th? We named our new cat after a character in Independence Day. Does that count?

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