FINALLY some new items!!

25 Jun

Now that the Interwebs is up and running for my laptop in my studio, I’ve finally been able to start listing some new items!! Last night, I took some photos around the sun room and outside on the patio to see what the images would look like. OK, they’re not as great as the apartment balcony shots, but I can definitely work with this!

I have two more goodies to list tonight (think: pearls and pine cones), but here’s what’s new at Jac & Elsie so far (click on the image for more):

Extra long necklace with a cameo heart locket. I love it when I find pieces like this uber long chain and this pendant, and when I put them together, it’s like they were supposed to go together.

I bought this awesome green rock more than a year ago, thinking maybe I’d eventually learn to wire-wrap well enough to turn it into a pendant. Well, my wire-wrapping skills are not where I want them to be. So I attached a bail and am letting the stone stand on its own. I paired it with a vintage 18-inch silver-toned chain. A beautiful statement piece without being too over-the-top:

One of my favorite finds at an antique store is the “bag o’ stuff.” Whether it’s vintage jewelry pieces or, in this case, chains, there’s always a few surprises and pretties to find. Like this tiny little “Carol” necklace. I love the font on the name and, if you know someone named Carol, what a perfect gift:

And finally, a navy and white vintage bangle. When the three bracelets are together, it looks like a single bracelet. This has an awesome nautical feel, and it’s large enough to fit over your hand if you’re the type to think “My hands are too big for bangles!” (I’m definitely one of those gals):

Which is your favorite??? I always list items based on what I like, but I’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of.


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