I haz bridesmaids!

21 Jun

In the bloggosphere, I’ve seen a few examples of beyond adorable ways to ask a woman to be your bridesmaid. Many were way involved, with lots of handmade boxes filled with your friends’ favorite things.

I wanted to do something special like that … without having to purchase a million little trinkets.

I also wanted, desperately, to ask everyone in person. I knew that wasn’t going to be possible because I needed to figure out all their schedules for next April or May for when the beau and I tour facilities at the end of the month and pick a date; I don’t want to schedule the wedding on a day when any of the bridal party would have a conflict. And the girls I asked live in East Peoria, Ill., Chicago, near Indianapolis and near Cincinnati. So seeing them whenever I want is not so easy.

So I asked them by mail. Here’s how it went:

I found these cards by Flapper Doodle years ago, and I’ve never forgotten them because, well, they’re glorious. The idea of coordinating the little bridesmaids’ hair to my actual bridesmaids’ hair made me ridiculously happy. And long before I got engaged, I’d periodically go back to the cards and drool.

So when Jeff proposed, it didn’t take me long to realize that these cards were going to happen.

Inside each card, I inserted a handwritten “this is why I love you” note. Included in the note was an explanation behind the final portion of my little package.

When Jeff proposed to me, he gave me a ring to symbolize his never-ending love for me. I did not, unfortunately, buy all the bridesmaids diamond rings (sorry, ladies). Instead, I found a sweet, simple bangle bracelet with a small heart on it. That’s sort of like an unbroken circle, right?

I mailed the packages at the same time with instructions on the card envelope: “Open the gift first. And when you’ve opened everything, CALL ME!!” They all obliged.

Now, I have a lot of friends. I could legitimately ask nine women and three men to stand up for me. That’s insane. I want a bridal party, not a bridal army. So I asked the beau who he was going to ask, and he named four men. Four. Sounds good to me. I can do that. I went with my two besties, a gal I used to babysit for who’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister and my sister-in-law to-be. (I introduce them here. I’m waiting until Jeff asks all the groomsmen before I upload them. Their descriptions won’t be nearly as colorful, I’m sure.)

This is the poor lil crew who has to put up with me the day of the big day.

I can’t wait.


4 Responses to “I haz bridesmaids!”

  1. Ally June 21, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    You are so stinking sweet!!! Such a cute, cute idea, carried out beautifully. You are going to be the best bride ever.

    • Jaclyn June 22, 2012 at 9:34 am #

      Ha! Aww, thanks, Ally 🙂 That means a lot!

  2. Stephanie June 21, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Oh I love you! I thought that was an amazing alternative to asking in person! I loved the surprise! (and I totally didn’t even notice the hair was our hair! Haha Duh)

    • Jaclyn June 22, 2012 at 9:33 am #

      Steph said she couldn’t tell either. I think with everyone being the same height, it made it kind of hard to tell!

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