Jac’s imaginary dinner party

15 Jun

Lauren over at The Little Things We Do has revamped how she does Fill In The Blank Friday a little — it’s more prompt based, less “fill in the blank” based. And today’s theme tickles me, so I’m in!

If I were to host a dinner party, I would invite anyone in my town I think would come. The theme would be mixed drinks. The beau and I held a wine and cheese party a few months ago, and it rocked. We’ve been talking about how cool it would be to have a variety of liqueurs you’d never buy yourself with a variety of mixers and do tastes of mixed drinks. I stress “tastes” because this kind of party could really knock you on your ass if you’re not careful! I would host it in my new home. Because I now live in a house, and it deserves to remain one of the places our friends come to hang out. We would eat maybe finger foods? Chicken wings and veggie and dip and the like? It would look like my house. Because I’m not one to spend money on decorations when I can spend it on food and booze. Don’t judge, that’s just how I be. OK, maybe a helium balloon or two so when we’re feeling especially silly, we can do a rendition of the Chipmunks’ “Christmas Time Is Here.”

And because I’m obsessed with pretty martini glasses, maybe we’d drink our drinks out of one of these (Click on any image to see more):

Um, these glasses may have just encouraged me to register at Macy’s. I want!!

What would your dinner party look like if you were to give it a theme other than “come, sit, enjoy”?


One Response to “Jac’s imaginary dinner party”

  1. Jenn Belden June 15, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    Oooh, I love the idea of an exotic liquor party! (You definitely must include Amarula if you can find it – it is a South African creme liqueur I tried once on Safari and is lovely in the way that Baileys is yummy!)

    Off to read about your wine and cheese as we want to host one this summer!

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