A thank you for Jac & Elsie fans

7 Jun

As a huge thank you to everyone who’s been so patient about my delayed shipping time, I’m giving free shipping in the shop to all you wonderful Jac & Elsie fans. (Ie: If you read my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you get to benefit.)

The coupon code 14moving23 entered at checkout will get you free shipping on everything in the shop. Even items in the fundraiser pieces section. These pieces are virtually never included in promotions like this, but I’m really super grateful at how supportive everyone has been and want to blow you all kinds of kisses.

My new favorite fundraiser piece: It’s a twist on the regular Count Moments necklaces and bracelets I’ve had available for a while. You get to pick if you prefer a silver- or gold-toned ribbon charm. Me? I like it with the gold. Click on the pic to see it both ways.

As an added incentive, if you make a purchase with this code and leave me a note telling me how you found out about it (Twitter, Facebook or the blog), there just might be an extra little surprise in your package for you.

To give you a heads up on my projected shipping time: My goal is to have all orders in the mail on or before Wednesday, June 13.


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