I’m still here!

5 Jun

Hello, happy blog readers. This week is what I like to refer to as hell: I’m moving Saturday, in with the beau, and I’m in Total Packing Frenzy. How on earth does a one bedroom apartment gather so much shit? It’s a questions physicists should ponder.

So the motivation — or, ya know, time — to get posting isn’t really there. So consider this a list of things to come. (Or … Jac’s bloggy to-do list, kept in a place where she’s not likely to lose it):

* This past weekend, the beau and I went to Nashville, Tenn., with some friends. Awesome, awesome spot for bars, live music and shopping. I have two fabbo jewelry purchases to share, as well this maxi dress you get to see now. We stopped at this massive indoor outlet mall, which included a NY & Company. When I put this dress on, it just made me feel pretty. And it was half off. And those two things equals the bestest thing ever. My friend Sara said I looked like Princess Jasmine in it. Aw, shucks.

* I haz bridesmaids! I’m totally psyched about how I managed to ask them. Etsy helped.

* I haz a real studio! I took a picture of my former “studio” after I’d been packing it up for five minutes. The before and after pictures will make you weep.

* The coolest ring ever. I bought it. It’s mine. It was only $12. Pics to come.


One Response to “I’m still here!”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart June 5, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    Fun dress, fun life. ❤

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