If you’re actually interested in wedding stuff …

28 May

I started a lil wedding website for Jeff and me, and one of the handy features is a blog, which I’ve creatively titled Engaged: The Blog. I know, someone should pay  me to come up with this stuff.

Anywho, I’ve taken to keeping some engagement thoughts and memories there. I update it a few times a week, and I started it because I don’t want to bore Snap, Crackle, Pop readers with stuff they don’t care about.

However, I’ve heard from a number of you who seemed very into reading engagement and wedding stuff. The only stuff I’ll share on here will be jewelry- or craft-related, so if you’re interested in reading more, you can check out Engaged: The Blog here.

Happy reading! And here, let me leave you with a ridiculously fabulous vintage skirt for only $10. If I didn’t think it’d be a little too snug on me (I’m an 8/10), I’d buy the crap out of it.

And here, this is one of my favorite I Have A Crush On You songs ever. It came up on my computer as I finished typing this. Here’s a video to it. Set to Disney movies. Which makes it even better:


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