Fill in the blank Friday

18 May

Something very near and dear to my heart is penmanship. When I read about some schools no longer teaching cursive writing, it makes me sad.

Out of town friends visiting this weekend is good cause to celebrate.

The most fun I ever had was oh man, I can’t come up with just one! Let’s go with … trip to San Diego 2 1/2 years ago with my friend Erin. It was laid back and low-key, just like vacations should be. Alarm clocks on vacation are the devil, as are itineraries.

True friends are rare. And they are to be valued. And you should tell them often how much they mean to you.

This seemed like a good image for this blank. This is the engagement card I received from the bestie. The inside reads, “I’m glad I have you to make bad decisions with.”

Something that makes me terribly happy is every time I move something else into Jeff’s..

A good way to spend a sunny day is going on a walk in some kind of nature preserve. And lots of ice cold Coke.

My favorite celebratory food is ice cream. I’ve taken to a new DIY yogurt shop in town. I like the birthday cake yogurt topped with pulverized graham crackers, tiny cheesecake squares and cookie dough crumbles.

Pick a blank, fill it in, in the comments! And have a glorious weekend, my friends.


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