New cabochon necklaces at Jac & Elsie

16 May

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve added new treats to Jac & Elsie, so I’ve had a blast designing, making and posting these pretties. The designs of each are very similar, as they include the same silver scalloped frames, but the cabochon detailing is super different in each.

Which is your favorite?

This purple and white cab that is super domed is so perfect for spring and summer (click on any image for more):

These cabs are vintage, and each of the four is a little different. They all feature pink daisies, and they’re all adorable:

This one is black and iridescent, and every time I look at it, I think, “Dang, that’s even prettier than I remembered.”

And, I know, this isn’t a necklace. But the earrings are new, and I totally dig the little branches with the blue Swarovski chips.


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