Lots of new favorite shops

15 May

I’ve recently discovered some amazing paper-products shops that I feel I must give a shoutout to for this week’s Tickle Me Tuesday linkup with Yes Teacher Crafts. (Click on any of the images to see more.)

Sarah (the Yes Teacher Crafts blogger) actually featured a print from Laura Amiss on her favorites today, and after browsing through the shop, I’m in love. The shop’s style is gorgeous, the color choices are perfect, and I absolutely adore the use of mixed media for a collage that feels much more like a painting than a mishmash of images and textures (which, let’s face it, many collages turn into).  This shoe pint is a perfect example of her use of fabric.

I was recently featured in a treasury with milkandhoney05, and I clicked through to the shop and hearted a bunch of pretties. The designs are super simple, the colors are super beautiful and the prices are super reasonable. I think this color combo makes me happiest. (The sentiment doesn’t hurt, either. I’ve been on the look out for an awesome home-related print to celebrate moving into a real home [apartment living just doesn’t feel like a real home to me, and it hasn’t for years].)

I don’t recall how I discovered Nouveau Nancy, but the shop’s cards rock. I love that they incorporate newspaper, and the crafter has an amazing eye for design. Often, I find handmade cards made with paper look childish and unprofessional, but these designs are brilliant. And the vintage flair doesn’t hurt, either.

Again, I don’t recall how I found Perch Paper Co., but I find the shop’s “Oh you” cards soooo sweet. However, after further investigation, considering the lovely dovey schmoopsy place I’m in right now, I have to feature this one.

Which shop’s style is your fav?


One Response to “Lots of new favorite shops”

  1. Sarah May 15, 2012 at 1:38 pm #

    I’m drooling over all of your picks! We must have the same taste 🙂 And moving into/decorating a new home is SO fun 🙂

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