My travel bucket list

3 May

In my head, I have a number of bucket list items I’d like to complete before I die. But recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my travel-related ones.

Maybe it’s because I’m not planning a real, honest-to-goodness, longer than a long-weekend vacation this summer. Maybe it’s because one of the below items is dangerously close to coming true.

Or maybe it’s because I have chronic wanderlust, and I’ve no interest in finding a cure.

Anywho, my Travel Bucket List, in no particular order:

* Spend one night in the Hotel del Coronado. I first discovered this wonder back in 2006. I was in California with the then-beau, and we hit up San Fran, LA and San Diego. The Hotel del Coronado is on Coronado Island, just a short bridge away from San Diego. A group of us had drinks in the hotel, and I drooled over it. I returned to San Diego with a friend 2 1/2 years ago, and again, I drooled over this hotel. It’s painfully expensive, but you know what? I just need a night. Just one night. Look at it go!

The beach on Coronado Island, right behind the hotel. That’s Erin waving at me. Wave back!

* Go to Philadelphia and eat a cheesesteak. I grew up on Penn Station cheesesteaks, and I’m dying to try a real one.

* To to Italy in my 20s. (Yes, I just turned 29 last month. The timeframe on this is getting dangerously close to expiration.) That’s the big picture. But I’ve some small picture wants, too: to go with a girlfriend instead of a beau (Italy just strikes me as a place you go with your friends, like Vegas or Key West); to make sure I hit up no fewer than three different cities/towns/villiages (if I’m going to Italy, I ain’t staying in one place); to eat pizza in its birthplace, Naples.

Google Images tells me this is a Naples pizzaria. Works for me. Don’t you want to go there, too??

*Go on Jac’s East Coast Extravaganza (yes, that’s its official name). For Jac’s ECE, we will fly into Maine, where I will stalk Stephen King. We will rent a car and follow the coast down to Florida, being sure to hit up Boston because I’ve never been; NYC to see Lindsay; Philadelphia if I haven’t yet eaten a Phili cheesesteak; DC to see the Newseum; Virginia Beach because I hear it’s pretty; Wilmington, NC, because it was awesome; Savannah, Ga., because I hear it’s beyond “pretty” and into “frickin’ gorgeous”; and end up somewhere in Florida. Maybe Belleaire Beach, because friends have a house there, or Tampa, to see my aunt and uncle.

From Jac and the beau’s trip to Wilmington two summers ago. We were placing bets on whether that couple in the lower lefthand corner was gonna do it.

* Go to Ireland and stay with an old lady, in a room where there’s like a dozen images of the Virgin Mary on the wall.

* Go to Scotland and visit the Laphroaig distillery.

* Go to Alaska and experience a 24-hour night.

Those are the biggies. Smallies include to visit the pyramids in Egypt; to see where my dad grew up in Andimesk, Iran; to have a memory in each of the 50 states (it doesn’t have to be an over-night experience, but I can’t just have stopped at the airport or something — I need to have done enough to create a memory); to return to the Cleveland Musuem of Art, where I discovered that I love art museums, and see my favorite painting, Thomas Cole’s “View of Florence”; and Lord knows how many others I haven’t even realized.

“View of Florence” is an image that is wildly unimpressive on the screen. When it’s in front of me, I lose my breath.

And yes, as I alluded to above … one of these is close to becoming a reality. I’m mum until it’s for sure, though.


2 Responses to “My travel bucket list”

  1. PhaseThreeOfLife May 3, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    GREAT list. I’ve always drooled over that hotel in Coronado, too. It’s gorgeous!

    I’ve eaten a cheesesteak (actually, two) in Philly. It’s as good as you’re imagining and definitely bucket-list worthy.

    A few items on my travel bucket list: Drink a beer in a real Irish pub. Hike in Bryce Canyon in Utah (I get to do this next month! With girlfriends! Eeeee!). Take pictures of the look of amazement on my kid’s face when he walks into the Magic Kingdom the first time (followed by immediately going on the Peter Pan ride and then eating one of those Mickey Mouse head ice cream things). Return to Cabo for a vow renewal on the beach for some big anniversary – just me and Mike.

  2. Suburban Sweetheart May 3, 2012 at 6:52 pm #

    I’;ll be living about an hour & a half from Philly by train, so if you make it there, I’ll definitely join you for cheesesteaks. Also, the Newseum is one of my favorite places on earth. One of my dreams is to spend an entire there alone, reading whatever strikes my fancy. it’s so tough to do with others because I want to move at my own pace & READ ALL THE THINGS!

    Can’t wait to hear which of these is coming true soon. ❤

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