I love cards & snail mail

23 Apr

Way back when I sponsored my very first blog EVER, I found myself at The Trunk Blog. I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon the crafty blog with sweet blogger, but I remember being very happy I had.

Because in the past two or so years that I’ve “known” Lauren, the gal behind The Trunk, I’ve come to see her as a kindred spirit. We’ve helped one another with various crafty fundraising opportunities, and I’ve made sure I’ve always kept her blog — and her Etsy shop, The Elephant’s Trunk — on my radar.

So imagine how tickled I was a few weeks back to see her put a call out on her Facebook fan page for folks to receive goodies from her new line of greeting cards — FREE!

Now, I love snail mail. I send letters and cute cards to friends relatively regularly, and I always have my eyes open for creative and affordable handmade options on Etsy. And I’m so happy to have received some of Lauren’s new line.

Her cards are large — none of those dinky, get-lost-in-the-mail dimensions here — and made with a wonderful, thick card stock. My three cards were all in a metallic silver, though I also see the shop offers white and gold card stock.

What I love most about The Elephant’s Trunk cards are their simplicity.  I love sweet, adorable, sassy phrases that allow the typography to be the art.  Consider:

The Elephant’s Trunk cards come to $5 each when you include shipping and handling, which is about as good of a deal as you’ll find on handmade cards.

Happy shopping!


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