WOW these bridesmaid jewelry pics are late!

16 Apr

I recently got the opportunity to make some really awesome jewelry for two of my friends’ weddings. Their styles are oh-so-totally different, but I was so happy with how everything turned out that, naturally, I must share.

The first wedding took place back in November (NOVEMBER!! Seriously, how have I not posted about this yet???). Amanda was a very classic bride with a simple, pretty taste. She picked this gorgeous cerulean blue for us girls to wear (I was a bridesmaid) and picked my favorite Jac & Elsie bridesmaid necklace and bracelets for us to wear, complete with very sweet and dainty earrings. See??

This was the best pic I could find of the bracelet. The groom likes to take pics of himself being punched by unlikely punchers. Like me. (He no joke has pics of himself being punched by Penn of Penn and Teller, and by this guy.)

The second wedding was the infamous Mexico Wedding. Lindsay’s style for the event was very art deco. She bought all the bridesmaids’ dresses, and each one was different. As a result, each piece of jewelry was different.

Lindsay drew me some diagrams with ideas for the design, and I went from there. Here’s what I came up with. (All photos courtesy of Eryc Perez de Tagle.) (Also, this isn’t everything. I just snooped the pics and grabbed what I could that showcased the jewels.)

The bride and one of her sisters. You can find her earrings here.

The bride’s sister. Those earrings are not in the shop, but I can easily re-create them if you are interested. Scroll down for a clearer shot of her necklace.

The above necklace is an upcycled brooch. You know I love to make necklaces with those. If you’d like a similar one, just leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to work on something similar for you.

The necklace below isn’t in the shop, either, but again: I can make something similar for you if you would like one.

This is the clearest image I could find of this necklace. It features multiple chains in different colors.

I didn’t make anything from this pic. I just think it’s the greatest cutting-the-cake image E.V.E.R.


One Response to “WOW these bridesmaid jewelry pics are late!”

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