A road trip home

9 Apr

I spent a long weekend at my folks’ with the beau for Easter. (Why does it always seem like the long weekends seem the shortest? Wildly unfair.) This weekend seemed tailor made for participating in this week’s Northwest Mommy Listicle. In her words:

This Monday, seeing how all of us would have driven somewhere to spend Easter weekend with friends and family, I thought we do a list about ten things ROAD.

Done and done, Stasha!

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Top 10 Things That Happened This Weekend

1) I somehow talked the beau into driving both TO my parents’ AND FROM. I think he felt pity on my gimpy neck (I woke up on Thursday with a crick that made it painful to check my blindspot). Not sure why he offered Sunday evening, but I appreciated it!

2) The gas prices didn’t behave as they normally do. There’s a little town that’s just about halfway between me and my folks’, and I always gas up there because it’s by far the cheapest gas in a 75-mile radius from home. Not this time, bastard Easter making bastard gas station owners raise the bastard prices.

3) Birthday cannoli! I barely touched the birthday cake Mom made, which made me feel terrible, but come on. You put cannoli in front of me, I’m not gonna wanna eat anything else. (It has the highest ratio of ease to taste of any dessert I know: You want one part powdered sugar to three parts ricotta cheese. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon, and beat until smooth. Insert amazing goop in cannoli shell right before you eat it so the shell doesn’t get soggy.  Garnish with chopped pistachios or mini chocolate chips. C’est tout!)

4) Mom had told me Joey had started to eat Real Food, but I hadn’t really witnessed it until now. Dad, the beau and I took him to White Castle on Friday, and I watched him pick up a burger, dust off the onions (onto his lap) and pickle and eat half of it. My jaw dropped, closing sometime around Saturday afternoon. I also watched him pick the Italian sausage from the homemade pizza we had for dinner Friday night and eat it. You have to understand, this kid hasn’t eaten anything but hot dogs, banana milkshakes and crunchy things (crackers, cereal) since he was 3. He’s now 22.

5) “Revenge of the Titans” in 3-D. Good times.

6) Birthday equaled some really amazing goodies, including this little black Rock & Republic dress. I can’t believe my mother bought me something so sexy, but I must admit: I look forward to having an appropriate opportunity to wear it.

7) I got to talk to Nani. Like, my Nani. Alzheimer’s is a bitch, and it can give a person about five different personalities. One of those is the actual personality, which in Nani’s case, comes out less and less. I got to talk to her for a few minutes Sunday afternoon. She told me she thinks about me all the time, and that when you get to a certain age, your memories are all you have. And she said she doesn’t know how Papa still goes to work every day (he’s 90 and owns a cheese factory) and that he takes care of her. As she said this, he slid her pills across to her. And then they held hands and made “I adore you” eyes at each other.

8) I dyed Easter eggs with Joey. It’s one of the very few things I can get him to do with me, and I’m not sure which of us looks forward to it more every year.

9) I got to hear a whole butt-ton of references to the beau joining the family (no, we are not engaged). Nani “whispered” to Papa, asking if I had a ring. (Mom and I heard it from across the room and about lost our shit laughing.) One uncle told the beau how he declared Jeff my father’s son-in-law to-be the first time he met him a year and a half ago. I think my aunt tried to talk honeymoon plans with the beau. And another aunt saw a portrait Jeff was working on and announced, “I didn’t know we had someone so talented in the family!” Again, let me reiterate: NOT engaged. I love my big fat Italian/Assyrian family.

10) Game of Thrones. OK, we watched it after we got back home, but it was the best way ever to end a happy and hectic weekend.


2 Responses to “A road trip home”

  1. Ally April 9, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    Okay, I totally cried when I read about your Nani & Papa 🙂 Your weekend sounds fabulous, despite the not so subtle hints of your family. LOL
    I want cannoli! Yummy!

  2. northwestmommy April 10, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    So excited about your engagement. Just messing with you, but with all these subtle hints, it is in the works. You Nana and Papa- amazing!! My grandpa had Alzheimers and I was always amazed how he remembered things for his childhood but not where he left his glasses. Human brain is a strange place… Great dress!!

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