Cool things of the day

4 Apr

Jac & Elsie was featured in this gorgeous mustard treasury today, and there’s a ring on it I can’t stop staring at. It is by far the most beautiful Scrabble tile jewelry I’ve ever seen. Look at it go!

Also awesome: This morning, I had a convo on Etsy from someone in France. The convo was entirely en français, and I thought, “Well, crap, what do I do now?”

I entered its entirety into Google, and look at that: It automatically translated for me.

So I responded — en Anglais — and hoped she could tell what I was saying. She thanked me for my response and had another question — which, again, I was able to translate.

She ended up making the purchase after I was able to answer all her questions, and it left me feeling kind of exhilerated. I’ve said it before: One of the uber cool things about Jac & Elsie is knowing my treats are all over the world, but to see how easy it is to correspond with a customer in an entirely different language?

The interwebs will never cease to amaze me.


One Response to “Cool things of the day”

  1. Ally April 4, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    Wow, that is cool. Well they both are cool. That ring is pure awesome. The conversation? What did we do before Google, anyway?

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