Read it!!

31 Mar

I haven’t done a compilation of Must Read blog posts in a while, but I found two such fabulous ones (the first two) yesterday that I had to bring it back, and I had no trouble at all finding more to flesh the post out.

  • The lighter side of depressionHyperbole and a Half is consistently one of the funniest blogs, oh, ever. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, set aside a a day and read EVERYTHING. Or at least the posts highlighted along the right-hand side of the blog.) But it’s so rarely updated anymore that I find myself reading past posts as if they’re new. Well, this one from October was new to me yesterday, and I found myself amazed at how deftly it addressed the topic of depression. Even with the hilarious Paintbrush cartoons, the post is poignant.
  • I covet this dress — AHHHH, look at Jessica’s new dress! Sometimes What I Wore will delve into outfits I’d never try (and I’d try a lot), but this dress? Oh my goodness, I can’t take its fabulousness. (Check out the dress on the model in the store. It’s kind of remarkable how much better it looks on Jessica than on the model.)
  • I did this to my nails last week — I’m not sure that this really qualifies as a blog post, but whatever. This Birchbox tutorial is awesome, and I totally did this to my nails last night. They are a pale pink/white (no where near as WHITE white as the presenter’s) with dots of neon watermelon pink, bright kelly green and dark gray. I like! (And if you still don’t get Birchbox, GET IT. For $10 a month, you get all kinds of amazing samples catered just to you.)

2 Responses to “Read it!!”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart March 31, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    I LOVE that dress. Amazing! But $365? Ouch, that hurts… must be nice to be a professional fashion blogger!

    Clicking through to all of these now. I’d forgotten all about Hyperbole & a Half!

  2. Ally March 31, 2012 at 11:54 am #

    How unbelievably awesome are those shadow boxes?!
    And I really want to polka dot my toenails now.
    The only thing I regret about the r/p/s post is that I didn’t take the opportunity to plug YOU! (I’ve added that plug, by the way, but am still kicking myself for not think of it in the first place. That’s what happens when I do my posts late at night. Half functioning brain.) Thanks for mentioning me here!

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