‘Jumanji’ by generations

29 Mar

Yesterday, the beau and I were getting a little before-dinner frozen yogurt (life’s too short to NOT eat dessert first sometimes) at my new favorite DIY yogurt shop. (I get cake batter with a touch of either red velvet or cheesecake and top it with pulverized graham crackers, Oreos and cookie dough.) (It’s really good.)

So anyhoo, we’re eating, and the TV in the corner turned to ABC Family starts to show, oh yes, “Jumanji.” It’s one of those movies I will watch every time it’s on, and I mentioned to the beau, “You know, it’s rare that a childhood favorite holds up through the years.”

I can’t think of how many books I’ve tried rereading or movies I’ve tried rewatching as an adult that leave me thinking, “I can’t believe I watched this crap.” But not “Jumanji.” I love Robin Williams, I love the magic of the story, I love the cheeky little monkeys on a motorcycle passing Officer David Allen Grier.

Feral Robin Williams as Alan Parish

When I said “childhood favorite,” I saw the beau’s face change.

Because, “Jumanji” came out when I was 12. And he was 22.

Last night, I had a phone chat with one of my closest friends. I’ve mentioned her on here before, she’s the gal I used to babysit for. She’s a freshman in college, and we caught up on a bunch of stuff after not catching one another on the phone for a while.

And I mentioned that I’d watched “Jumanji” and how it used to be one of my favorite movies. Her response: “That movie scared the crap out of me!”

Because when it came out, she was 2.


One Response to “‘Jumanji’ by generations”

  1. Ally March 29, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Hilarious. I think the same look that passed over your beau’s face, passed over mine when I read it! 🙂 On the other hand, I used to babysit for a gal that I adore to this day.

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