Oh happy day

27 Mar

Despite — or maybe due to — the fact that I’ve been insanely, mind-bogglingly busy at work over the past two or so weeks, I’ve found myself in even a better mood than normal lately. I have a number of suspicions why that is, and frankly I’m not ready to share them yet (give me time!), but the general good mood has me wanting to share the smiles.

So if you’re having a bummer day, or maybe you just need a little pick-me-up, I’ve compiled five things that should make your day a little brighter:

One: This dress. The color combo and cuteness factor just makes me grin.

Two: The Hunger Games is out. Now, I’ve never read the book and know nothing about the story aside from the basics: Utopian world, children competing (to the death?) for … funsies? And yet, for some reason, I’m beyond excited to see the movie.

Three: WINTER IS HERE!!!! (You get a million gold stars if you understood the reference before I explain … now.) About six months ago, I marked in my planner when season two of “Game of Thrones” would start … And that date? Is SUNDAY. “Winter is coming” was kind of a mantra for the show throughout its first season. No more waaaaaaiting!

Four: Sticking with the big and small screen happies: This.

These movies became popular when I was in high school, and for me, they represent the start of my favorite genre of movie: the raunchy comedy with a heart of gold.

Now, allow me to highlight the introductory conversation to what I’m anticipating as the greatest hookup ever:

Jim’s dad: Who’re you?

Stilfer’s mom: Stifler’s mom

Jim’s dad: Oh! … I’m Jim’s dad.

Five: I just bought a necklace I’ve wanted for ages.

Naturally, you’re thinking, “Why should it make me happy that you bought a necklace?” Well, my friend, it’s because today’s the last day to use coupon code “spring” in the beautiful little shop from whence Bamboo Italy was born, tru.che. I found out about the sale from tru.che’s Facebook page. Be a fan.

Your turn: What’s making you smile today?


One Response to “Oh happy day”

  1. Ally March 28, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Those dresses are cute! I used to have a blue and white stripe and a solid black just like that, only it was a loooong time ago. Styles going full circle with updated colors!

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