Some new favorite things

23 Mar

I feel like I’ve found some super awesome goodies on Etsy lately, and I have to share the love:

I have to admit, I first found Goodthings88 through this beautiful necklace, but the way the artist set up this photo has me drooling. I so want to try this sometime! (Click on any of the images to see more.)

If I didn’t have a bazillion and one rings (OK, an exaggeration, but I have a lot of rings), this would be for me. I adore the color of the stone, and the ring is in wonderful condition, especially for a vintage find.

Um, this skirt? Amaaazing. I adore maxi dresses, but I don’t really wear long skirts. You’d think the two would be the same deal, right?

The fabric for this purse is amazing. And the prices throughout lireca are pretty fabulous — be sure to check out the whole store. (Also, the shop is having a fourth anniversary sale! Save 20 percent on any buy through tomorrow [Saturday] with code “4thanniversary”)

I’m not sure if I’ve expressed my love for English bulldogs on here. Something tells me I must have. In any case, I love the idea behind monkeyandsquirrel, explained brilliantly for this gem:

i find these at salvage or antique shops, generally all rusty and unloved. … i take them home, clean them off, and customize them in a variety of styles. they deserve a second chance… won’t you be the one to give it to them?

Hoakonhelga was featured on an Etsy Q&A yesterday, and her bags are really amazing. She finds old and ugly leather jackets and repurposes the material into purses. The little orange coin purse here just makes me happy. (I’d love to know what kind of jacket that came from!)

Which find is your favorite?

Happy shopping to you!


One Response to “Some new favorite things”

  1. Ally March 23, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

    That purse and all the fabric options… fabulous!

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