Let the good weather begin!

22 Mar

It seems that just about everywhere in the continental United States has been seeing unseasonably warm weather. This is the strangest March I’ve ever encountered, but it means I get to go bike riding and walk to the coney place for lunch, so I’m definitely not complaining.

As spring begins, naturally, I’m starting to plan my springy and summery outings. In case you hadn’t picked up on it yet, I like to travel, and I have friends all over the dang place, so there are often fabulous places to go. Between now and June, I get the following:

  • A visit by my oldest bestie in the world to celebrate my birthday. (As in, we’ve been besties for the longest, not “She’s 107 years old.”) On the agenda: Mexican food and karaoke
  • A visit by  my college bestie. On the agenda: Self pedicures and a horror movie marathon
  • A visit by my two closest friends from my current location who have since left me and moved on to bigger and better things. On the agenda: A big ol’ dinner get-together dealie where they gather pretty much everyone they ever talked to in town and cram us into a poor, unsuspecting restaurant.
  • A trip to Michigan with the beau to see a high school friend and his wife before they trek it to Portland. On the agenda: Catching up. I don’t think I’ve seen Kevin since … his wedding? That can’t be right …
  • A long weekend in Nashville with the beau and another couple friend of ours, with a pit stop at the Jim Beam Distillery in Kentucky. On the agenda: Lots and lots of live music

I bought a travel journal a few years ago, but it's way too bulky to actually bring anywhere, and ditto that with my regular day-to-day journal. I need something small and gorg, like this, to start bringing with me. I saw something once where someone kept a scrap book of post cards from everywhere she went with a memory from the trip jotted on the back. Also fabulous.

I look at that list and get positively giddy. And who knows what else the summer will bring?!

What’s on your agenda in the coming months?


One Response to “Let the good weather begin!”

  1. Ally March 22, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    On my agenda for the next few months is: baseball, baseball and more baseball! 🙂 My son plays for school and for a club team, so there’s a lot of baseball on our schedule. But it gets me outside, and occasionally traveling within the state to a tournament. Now, about that weather – could you send a little here? I woke up to a white ground again this morning! (Knock on wood, it’s pleasant out right now, the snow has melted, it’s not raining and the baseball game scheduled for today has been moved to a drier field and is a go. Did I mention knock on wood?)

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