My Favorite Things Giveaway is coming!!

3 Mar

As I type this, I am 13 sales away from 500!! To celebrate, I have a faaaaabulous My Favorite Things Giveaway in the works, with prizes totaling more than $100.

Once I hit the mark, I’ll post the giveaway with all the glorious details. Until then, let me give some love to some of my favorite Etsy shops:

You should love The Peach Tree because: Shipping is lightening fast. Quality and design is beautiful. Amy is a doll. Shipping is free. I own two pairs of Peach Tree earrings, and I love them both. They’re versatile and lightweight — and pretty!

You should love Elm Studios because: Products are so easy to customize. Personalized gifts are uber meaningful.  Craftsmanship is superb. Pricing is far superior to comparable products’. I have given two Elm Studios Online items as a gift — a bowl for my mom and a custom baptism wall hanging for my beau’s niece. Both were met with rave reviews.

You should love Paper Planet because: Items incorporate real wildflowers, so no two products are exactly the same. Sherry is a super sweetheart to work with. I have two Paper Planet bookmarks and think they look beautiful sticking out of a book with all their beautiful yarns and ribbons. Also, I’ve worked with Sherry on both Joey’s Auctions, and her generosity never ceases to astound me.

You should love Julie Ann Art because: The cards are quirky and creative. The designs are simple. The designs are hilarious. The sentiments are sweet without being saccharine or overdone. I’ve given two Julie Ann Art cards as a gift — for the beau for Valentine’s Day, and for a friend who just got married. I still contend they were the best things ever.

You should love Lola’s Room because: Cassia’s subjects are simple, everyday objects made beautiful. You know you love typewriters, books and cameras. Groups of images are sold in setsThey will make your bare walls smile. I have two prints above my bed at home, and I gave two more to a friend. Gorgeous!

You should love Clever Hands because: It’s hard to think up a truly unique item in the world, and I think Emily may have done it. Her bandoliers are an artist’s best friend. Her craftsmanship is spot on. Greatest. Gift. Ever. I bought one of these for the beau because he always has a sketch book and multiple pens and pencils with him, which get everywhere. He uses the bandolier a lot, slipping it around the book and sliding his pens and pencils beneath the strap. Handy!

You should love A Wild Tonic because: Lauren’s taste is stellar. Her prices are reasonable. Despite the fact that there are about 200 items in the shop, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. For a vintage shop, A Wild Tonic has a very modern feel about it. I love to make jewelry from vintage pieces, and I’ve bought some jewels from Lauren with “repurpose” in mind. The quality was wonderful and the shipping, uber fast.

AND there just may be a few non-Etsy favorites of mine included in the giveaway, too, and maybe a lil treat from Jac & Elsie. Ooooh, I can’t wait.


One Response to “My Favorite Things Giveaway is coming!!”

  1. Klz March 3, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Congrats on almost making 500!!

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