Thanks J-Bon. Great ideas.

1 Mar

Earlier last month (as in FEBRUARY, because it’s finally MARCH … you know for the two boringest months ever, January and February went dang fast), I had a little “Man I haven’t been blogging much, I’m so uninspired” pity party.

A friend and former coworker had a comment that I keep going back to and thinking about.

Sista J (That’s me … I think it’s a name we came up with on Twitter?) – I feel the pain of boringness. If anything just write. Tell me why you picked the socks you wore today. Why did you drive a different route to work. Explain to me your jiggy dance.

Why do you want blue M&M’s banished and replaced by plaid?

These are subjects I wonder what my friend thinks about.

From a writer and friend who is weighted down with bp but still enjoys life and writing even 50 words in blog form five times a week.

I like the random-like nature of his requests, and I’m going to answer each and every one of them. When little is inspiring, this is a pretty great way to find material.

Tell me why you picked the socks you wore today. Today, I’m in slate gray tights. I’m wearing them because I have a dress on that is striped and obnoxiously bright. It is: navy, slate gray (matching the tights), macaroni and cheese orange, bright red orange, a deep magenta, pale pale pink and royal blue. It sounds like it should be a mess, but somehow, the H&M dress I picked up a few years ago totally works. It’s a super odd length through — past my knees and way above my ankles — and I usually wear it with strappy sandals. Today, it’s the tights and a pair of black leather pumps.

By the way, I totally found a pic of it. Here we go:

It looks awesome with this pair of strappy heeled sandals I have that are mainly plum, but the cross straps are lime green, orange and something else. What kind of shoes would you wear with such a crazy dress???

Why did you drive a different route to work? I am boring and drive the exact same way to work every day. If I switch it up, it’s because there’s this red light on Main Street that makes me want to spit on it. It breaks up traffic, but there’s no need to break up traffic.

Explain to me your jiggy dance. Oh, so many jiggy dances to explain. There’s the Happy Food Dance, which involves bouncing my shoulders up and down and moving side-to-side when something especially delicious is placed in front of me. There’s the weird cartoon bird dance I do at the beau more than I should. I keep it up because it makes him laugh oh-so hard, and that sound makes my heart happier than Stephen King, Donald Duck and Italy combined.

Why do you want blue M&M’s banished and replaced by plaid? I don’t think blue M&Ms should be banished, per se, but if there were plaid M&Ms, wouldn’t that character in the commercial be great?? I think it’d be a little like SNL’s Stefon, my favorite SNL character since Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Thanks, J-Bon. These were great. (To anyone else who has similar burning questions, drop them off in the comments for a future post. I dig!)


2 Responses to “Thanks J-Bon. Great ideas.”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart March 1, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    I want to see the cartoon bird dance. And I WANT THAT DRESS.

  2. Ally March 1, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    I love anyone that breaks into dance spontaneously! 🙂 And plaid M&Ms would be genius.

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