Fill in the blank Friday: The travel edition

27 Jan

Link up with your travel blank-fillers over at the little things we do.

My favorite place I’ve ever traveled to is San Diego, no contest.

Italy is somewhere I’d love to go someday. But we all know that, so let me get specific: I want to go to Naples and eat pizza where it originated. I don’t want to stay in Naples because I hear its dirty and gross. I want to stay in a little down outside Naples and just go into the city to stuff my face.

I pass the time when I’m traveling by reading, for sure, or occasionally writing. Travel is a great muse for poetry.

My three must-haves when I travel are a book, a blank lined journal and a pen.

My favorite travel companion completely depends on the destination. The beau is amazing to travel with (it’s one of the major reasons we work, I like to travel too much to be with someone who would never step foot on a plane), but I think a place like Vegas or downtown Chicago or NYC would be much better with girlfriends.

The craziest thing that ever happened to me while traveling is the entirety of the trip to visit my folks after they moved. I flew to see them from college, and on the trip there, my flight got delayed. I wanted to tell my folks so they knew to pick me up later, but this was before I had a cell phone AND I didn’t know their new number. I called my grandparents to see if they did, and my grandpa picked up. Now, my grandpa is ADORABLE … and he doesn’t speak English well at all. Nani wasn’t there, so I had to ask Papa. It went like this:

“Papa! It’s Jaclyn.”

“Bata Papa! How are you?!” (“Bata Papa” is like he’s calling me his heart.)

“I’m good. Papa, I need my parents’ phone number. Do you have it?”

“Nana’s not here.”

“I know, Papa, but do you know what my parents’ phone number is?”

“Ohhhh … wait.” And he walked away. And I thought, “Holy hell, what is happening?” And he came back and gave me the number. I still don’t know how that happened.

My adorable papa with one of my aunts and three of my cousins this past Thanksgiving.

Then on the drive home … my ride never showed up. A friend’s roommate lived very close to the airport, and he offered to pick me up. After an hour — again, I had no way to call this person, as he wasn’t yet back in his dorm and I didn’t know his parents’ number — I got a cab. I had exactly the right amount of cash on me to pay for it. The next day when I was in my friend’s dorm, the roommie came up to me and handed me a 2-liter of pop and a large pizza to say he was sorry.

The most exotic thing I’ve ever tried while traveling is I can’t think of anything. I’ve tried weird things — cicadas baked in cookies, cow stomach — but that was just everyday life.

If I could live anywhere else, it’d be San Diego … or anywhere outside the Midwest that speaks English.

I have been to 15 states in the United States. I think. I had to count them up.


One Response to “Fill in the blank Friday: The travel edition”

  1. Ally January 27, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Your Papa IS adorable! I agree with your must-haves, I never travel without those three!

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