Let’s talk about something no one likes: Paying for shipping

25 Jan

On a post office run today, I learned that, once again, stamps have gone up. The regular cost of sending a typical Jac & Elsie package increased to $1.71 last year, which covers packages to U.S. addresses weighing 1 ounce to 3 ounces.

Now, it’s up to $1.95 for the same weight. To give you some perspective, here is something that weighs 1 ounce:

Five quarters. So we’re not talking concrete blocks here. Jac & Elsie packages are pretty dainty.

Knowing full well that how I  handle shipping is entirely up to me … I still feel I should be asking customers what you think. Right now, if you buy a Jac & Elsie piece, you’re going to pay $2 for shipping worldwide.  Some of the heavier items or pieces that require a ton of packaging for protection are $3, and nearly everything decreases in shipping if you buy multiples. So three lightweight bracelets will run $4 total for S&H, not $6.

Shipping on earrings like these are $2, or $1 with another item ...

... whereas something super chunky and awkward, like this, ships for $3, or $2 with another item.

With the new postal costs, my S&H prices cover pretty much just shipping, no handling. (OK, 5 cents per package goes toward handling, and envelopes, and bubble wrap, and return address labels.)

I am not planning to do a dang thing to shipping right now. But if (or, more likely, when) shipping increases again, it will break the $2 barrier for my little five-quarter packages.

My instinct is, at that point, to offer flat rate $3 worldwide shipping, which would be the cost if you order one item or 10 items. I’m also wondering about having a sliding scale, something like “free shipping on all orders $30 and more.”

This is where you come in. What shipping prices seem most reasonable to you? Or is shipping so the bane of your existence that all you want to see, ever, is free shipping all the time? Give me some more ideas!


One Response to “Let’s talk about something no one likes: Paying for shipping”

  1. Ally January 25, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    Your shipping rates are SO reasonable. Sure, free shipping would be great, but the reality is that small business like your slash their profits if they offer free shipping. It’s just not practical. If I had to pay $3 shipping for an awesome necklace or pair of earrings? I probably wouldn’t blink much, if at all. I pay almost $7 shipping for bottle of vitamins (that I’m convinced I need and can’t get locally) that isn’t that big and doesn’t weigh that much. When I sell on ebay, I only charge actual shipping costs and I’m always surprised at how darn much it is! I sometimes feel bad, but I’m not making a profit off of shipping. Then again, I’m a pretty reasonable girl, so I don’t get panties in a twist over $3. 🙂

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