Rest in peace ((tear)) I shall miss you

23 Jan

I use my purses for about a month at a time. I refuse to spend more than $20 on them because I like to switch them up so much, and this allows me to try trends and not feel bad if I hate said trend after six months, ’cause I only blew $14 on the bag.

So this weekend, I switched over to My Favorite Purse. I have this old school coat tree full of purses in my room, and this particular purse is head-and-shoulders (zipper-and-straps?) above the rest. It’s a dark brown hobo bag from H&M three or four seasons ago. It has an uber long, adjustable strap and is insanely, perfectly floppy.

After the switch, I threw the purse over my shoulder and ran to Target. After carrying the bag for about an hour, I realized something dreadful: This purse was no longer fit to be carried in public.

The bag in question is ridiculously fake leather, and this ridiculously fake leather has started to crack and to flake, so when I pull out my Bic pen to jot down a note, the rubber knuckle guard is full of these fake leather flakes, which also have coated my check book, makeup bag of lip stuff and wallet. It’s disgusting.

Today, I switched over to a much better quality brown leather hobo bag. It’s actually real leather, and I stole it from Mom because she hadn’t used it in years and I’d always admired it. However, it’s not as big as the Dead Hobo. It’s not as perfectly floppy, either.

And I realized something: For a bag just like my Dead Hobo, I’d spend more than $20. I might even spend more than $40 (gasp, I know). So I started to look for acceptable styles.

I googled it. Checked ModCloth. Pinterest, which showed me a not horrible Banana Republic bag. BR definitely has the best so far, but a market tote is not a hobo bag.

H&M. Plasticland. (Not what I’m looking for, but oooh!)

Anthropologie. Ruche. Forever 21. Zara. And Lulu’s, where I found this:

A duffel is not a hobo, but this looks promising. But how can I tell if it’s appropriately floppy if I can’t touch it??

I learned something today. Apparently, I didn’t know what a hobo bag was. Instead, what I’m looking for is an “unstructured shoulder bag.” I think?


Do you have a favorite purse you’d be pissed if ever broke? And where else should I check for my purse?? Maybe I’ll stop at TJ Maxx this week.


4 Responses to “Rest in peace ((tear)) I shall miss you”

  1. Ally January 24, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    I think my last two have come from TJMaxx. I think the most I’ve ever spent was $35 and that was a splurge. I’m also lazy and switch only about every six months or so. I’m so hard on them, I refuse to spend more. But I still love a cute functional bag!

  2. thecraftyhun January 24, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    i mostly shop for bags at tj maxx! and gasp! walmart in my area doesn’t always have totally ugly stuff… sometimes! hah! w/ giveaway!

  3. PhaseThreeOfLife January 24, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

    Aw, RIP Hobo Bag. 😦 You could try ebay. You might find some pretty awesome vintagey leather bags that are high quality with just the right amount of wear. I also have good luck at Kohls and occasionally Ross (not sure if you have those out there, but they’re very similar to TJ Maxx).

  4. Jen January 24, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    I’m in the market for a new bag, too! I’ve been considering splurging with some of my Christmas money on something from this Etsy – She has super cute stuff & the reviews sound like it’s good quality, too.

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