New goodies & the hardest to photograph earrings ever

22 Jan

I’m so happy with some of the new goodies I just listed in my shop! But first, I want to start with these, a pair of earrings that I listed months ago and took some new pictures for … because, as it turns out, they are the most difficult to photograph earrings EVER.

This is the only perfectly clear image of the earrings I’ve ever taken, and the backdrop looks ridiculous. This further back shot shows them much better in the background of a human, but they refuse to come in clear. This is the best I could do:

And if you look at the rest, they look washed-out on the white back drop, get lost on the pin cushion, look ridiculous on the skein of yarn. No idea what to do, so I keep them at $9 to tell folks, “Look I know they don’t look awesome — despite the fact that I swear they’re pretty, because you know we like pretty things here — so let’s keep the price marginal.”

I think I did a little better with some of the new goodies, though it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that I need to invest too much money in a fancy camera. I adore my little point-and-shoot, but these images aren’t quite as crisp as I’d like them to be. (Click on any of the pics to see more.)

The last time I was home, my dad gave me a little spy glass he uses for work. It is perrrrrfect for checking maker’s marks on vintage jewelry. I learned this lemon yellow beauty is a Coro, a company that started in the 1910s and went bankrupt in the 1970s. Based on some Internet research and the style of this, my best guess is that it’s from the 1950s. It is in wonderful condition, and I found it for as much as $64. (You know Jac & Elsie don’t charge that much.)

I am kind of in love with the set up I came up with for this necklace, but it’s also the best proof I can muster that I need a better camera. The image is just fuzzy, and you can’t quite see the awesome design in that sea foam green teardrop quartz. It’s translucent and foggy, with what appear to be murky waves of color. It’s seriously beautiful, and I just love how it contrasts with the solid, opaque black stone above it. The whole necklace is uber long — 30 inches.

This listing was actually inspired my my beau’s brother’s girlfriend (follow that?). We went out last weekend, and she had a bunch of chunky necklaces layered over a solid-colored shirt. The design reminded me of this strand of vintage acrylic ivory pearls I had and didn’t know what to do with. So I attached it to a new gold-toned chain for a long necklace. But I knew I liked this strand best layered, so I picked up this vintage gold-toned and dainty floating heart necklace I found on my last antique run. I attached a simple pink Czech glass bead to the heart and put the two necklaces on together. Perfect! They’re not attached, so you can wear them separately for a total of three different looks.





2 Responses to “New goodies & the hardest to photograph earrings ever”

  1. Mandee January 22, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    I feel your pain on taking some pictures. Some come out great and some I could retake them forever and they are never how I want them to look. I have a really hard time with lighter colored items.

  2. Suburban Sweetheart January 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm #

    That Coro necklace is gorgeous!

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