Awesome Etsy finds

15 Jan

Last month, I won a fantastic giveaway, earning me a shop credit to simply honest. The shop full of beautiful greeting cards and specializes in cut-outs, forming beautiful designs with negative space.

I browsed the shop, trying to figure out which goodie I’d love best. I settled on these adorable mini cards, just perfect to include as thank yous with Jac & Elsie purchases:

I picked them in rose, a pale, creamy pink, and just love them. They’re perfectly made with thick, pretty cardstock. The brown craft envelopes are perfectly sized, too, and I’m so happy to have such a pretty little card to include with jewelry I ship.

I spy some new Valentine’s day goodies I’m completely drooling over, too. I resolved that this year, my valentines would come from antique shops, old school cards from the ’70s or earlier that are so ridiculous, they’re wonderful. But I may have to break my vow for the likes of these:

Embroidered hearts!!

The inside says, "Okay, maybe a hundred."

I also just placed an Etsy order I’m beyond excited about.  I’ve had my eyes open all winter for some ear warmers, for when it’s freezing but a hat would just squish my hair (because hats over ponytails just don’t work). I found That Girl Crochet through a giveaway at A is for Ampersand (it’s open through the 19th, if you’d like to enter to win an infinity scarf in your choice of color) and started to browse the shop.

Then I found these ear warmers:

Yes! Yes yes yes! That’s exactly what I was looking for. The trick, I found, was finding something in this style that wasn’t made for old ladies OR for little girls. I didn’t want a big, floppy, obnoxious flower, nor did I want something that resembled a doily. I wanted a pretty, adult ear warmer. (Seriously, folks, harder to find than you’d think.)

That Girl Crochet‘s pieces come in your choice of 55 colors, which is a little overwhelming. I changed my mind approximately 32 times but finally settled on a mulberry ear warmer, which should work with all my winter coats (I have one each in olive green, gray and bright cranberry red).

So what I mean to say is: Go check out these amazing shops!!!


One Response to “Awesome Etsy finds”

  1. Ally January 15, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    As usual, great finds, my friend. Love the ear warmer – you nailed it. Not to sporty, not to fussy – really cute!

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