Ah, the joy of crappy customer service

10 Jan

The following story happened to a friend of mine. I am utterly appalled by the unprofessionalism of the e-mail she received from Decades of Fashion, and she agreed to share her experience in a guest column. 

Back in October, I found what I believed to be the perfect reception dress to wear to my wedding, which is taking place next month. My mother graciously offered to buy it for me as my Christmas gift. The dress and matching slip were backordered, so my mom paid the deposit, and we went back to our lives.

In late November the dress and slip shipped, and my mom presented them to me for Christmas. The dress was perfect — absolutely beautiful. It is a completely sheer, 1920s flapper dress with perfect beading.

The slip, however, was another story. I had ordered the one that perfectly corresponded to the dress, with thick straps, in my size, which is an extra small. The slip they sent was … way off. It was a size small/medium, which I estimate corresponded to at least a size 6, possibly an 8. It was enormous on me, and under the dress, it hung several inches too low. You could also easily see it didn’t work under the sheer fabric, and that it bundled up in all the places where it was enormous on me. It was far beyond fixing through alterations (and since my mother and I both sew, we know what we are talking about). I assumed there had just been a delivery error made and sent it back Dec. 27.

What you will see below is an e-mail I recieved about a week later. To my surprise, it wasn’t from the company I had originally ordered the dress from, but a new one I had never heard of. This new company, Decades of Fashion, told me the original company had run out of product, so it had fulfilled my order as a favor to the original.

Then, they got a bit … rude and condescending. Check it out for yourself:


We are Decades of Fashion, a totally separate entity from (the first company, which is completely not at fault). On November 15th out of compassion for the line of beaded dresses that we love, we agreed to sell our own stock quite often at a loss such as in your case. We sell the cream vamp for $309 and the slip for $54. It cost us $15 of our own money to ship to you so as you see it was a big loss to us. We sell the slips all the time, we agree they’re not perfect. Everyone has them customized to their own body type. … There is absolutely nothing we can do about your slip. You will need to get a refund. You will have to go back to Oct 5th when were never even involved and get a refund from the $167 deposit you made to (the first company) for the slip. We do agree with you, the Vamp is absolutely beautiful and since the dresses are extremely scarce and hard to get we could have sold it many times during the holiday season at our full retail price. So sorry, that is the best we can do for you, we were trying to do a little damage control for (first company) but we can not do an exchange or refund.
P.S. If you want us to send it back to you so you can have it altered, let us know.
Thank you for your understanding,
Decades of Fashion

Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most is the way Decades of Fashion spoke to my mother. I am not sure why it talked to her as though it was doing some sort of charity work for us — we were perfectly kind and patient throughout the entire process! In the end, I just thanked the representative for her help and said I was requesting a refund.

Wish me luck in finding a replacement!

What do you find to be the best way to deal with bad customer service?



2 Responses to “Ah, the joy of crappy customer service”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart January 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Ugh, what a disgusting run-in with customer service. If Decades of Fashion is as high-end as it insinuates that it is, it should know better than to send such a classless email throwing the original company under the bus & dredging up business-to-business issues that have nothing to do with the customer – and should be kept out of the customer’s view. Even if they did find it essential to explain the business situation as a means of transparency & getting to the bottom of the issue, there was no need to reveal what are obviously some underlying tensions between Decades of Fashion & the original company. Shame on this company.

  2. Ally January 10, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    Wow. I’m just so… horrified at stories of horrible customer service like this. It’s truly appalling.

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