A new incarnation of rock/paper/scissors

11 Dec

The rock/paper/scissors pieces at Jac & Elsie have gone through another change! This version includes paper beads that look as though they came straight from a novel; see?

This officially marks the fourth incarnation of Jac & Elsie rock/paper/scissors necklaces. As I took some new photos for the listing, I realized something: None of the changes to the set were my idea. They all came about by accident, by me having to roll with the punches of things completely out of my control.

This is was the very first set looked like. Note the atrocious photo:

(Seriously, why is this image blue?) This was the very first set I made, for a friend of mine at work who is responsible for, it seems, all the good ideas at Jac & Elsie. (In addition to these rock/paper/scissors necklaces, she’s the one who sent me the blog post that led to the Full of Awesome pieces.) She ordered this for herself and her two best friends two Christmases ago. This set included a brown glass stone bead for a rock and a paper airplane charm for the paper. I still miss those little guys, if I’m being honest. Alas, the paper airplane shop ticked me off so badly, I said, “OK, we’re done.” I made my purchase of charms, and as the shop shipped from overseas, I planned to wait a few weeks to receive my order. After three weeks, I contacted the shop to make sure my order had been shipped. They told me they were ordering more charms, and I’d receive my pieces at the end of the week.

The following week, I inquired again; they were still waiting on their shipment. By the time I’d made my fourth inquiry, it was going on a month since my original order, and my purchase hadn’t even been mailed out yet. I asked for (and received) a refund and then found myself clueless about what to do with the “paper” necklace. Then I had a very large “oh … duh” moment: newspaper beads! (You’d think someone who works at a newspaper would have had this thought sooner. Alas …) I also wanted to find a better rock, and I was able to find chips of genuine Tiger’s Eye that worked wonderfully:

My third set wasn’t quite as drastic; I mistakenly ordered some way-too-tiny rock chips, and I instead fashioned a little pendant of them instead of one single rock:

I figured this third set would be my final incarnation; alas, when I ordered my most recent batch of paper beads, I received beads that weren’t made of newspaper, as I thought I would. So today, the current set of rock/paper/scissors jewelry looks like this:

Over these three years I’ve added things like initial charms and bracelets, but they’ve stayed relatively true to the original idea — that sometimes, adults want to declare their friendships junior high-girl style, which I for one can absolutely appreciate.

I wonder what incarnation No. 5 will look like?


2 Responses to “A new incarnation of rock/paper/scissors”

  1. Jeff Bonty December 11, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    Hey, keep rolling with the changes …

  2. nina December 11, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    that’s awesome! how you’re redefining/shaping your pieces 🙂 hope you can check out my blog, for some +vibes and inspiration! i have 2 GREAT giveaway going on to! very easy to enter!xo

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