New York friendship sets are back!

4 Dec

Over Labor Day, I was ridiculously lucky enough to get to visit my friend Lindsay in New York City. I hadn’t seen her in something like two years, so the visit was loooong overdue.

She is currently learning millinery, which I learned means “hat-making.” So she gets the need for pretty and fabulous supplies. As such, one of our days consisted of wondering the fashion district in Brooklyn. (I think it was Brooklyn. I may be wrong. Whatever. It was awesome.) The district is made up of streets of stores of supplies run by foreign ladies who look at you as though they just stepped in you and you stuck to the bottom of their favorite pair of Jimmy Choos. This, however, is easily overcome when you note all fabulous goodies in their shops.

I bought some stuff up and quickly sold out of most of the pieces I made. So, being the fab lady Lindsay is, she went shopping for me. I gave her a list, she bought my goodies, I PayPal’ed her the total, she shipped me my pieces (along with a brush I forgot there. It’s a huuuuge flat brush. As a gal with short hair, this brush confused and scared her).

Which means I have some new and, if I may say so myself, awesome friendship sets temporarily up in the shop. I say “temporarily” because once these sell out, I’m not sure when I can bug Lindsay to get back to the district. So these are definitely limited-time deals:

In addition to the single cameo lockets I had in the shop, these sweet and classic deals are now available in sets of two and three.

Cutlery sets! These are available in both silver- and gold-toned.

I have to give her credit: This killer set is all Lindsay’s fault. When she and I were wandering the store, she pointed them out and mentioned how awesome they were. I was doubtful. Bullets? I wondered. Then I held one up to her, midbreast bone, and realized that on a long chain, these completely rocked.

So Lindsay: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being awesome. I’ll see you in February for that thing going on in Mexico. (She’s getting married.)

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