Happy Dec. 1 to you!

1 Dec

Before I left my apartment for work this morning, I participated in a ritual that has been going on for about 28 years: I opened the little flap that said “1” on my advent calendar.

My mom has gotten me an advent calendar for as far back as I can remember. For those not in the know, an advent calendar depicts some kind of Christmas scene, and it’s covered with little flaps numbered 1 to 24. Behind each flap is a little picture or, in my case, a picture and a piece of chocolate. (The healthy way to start any morning is with a well-balanced breakfast — like advent calendar chocolate.)

I don’t think December would be December without this little, childish way to count down to Christmas. It definitely filled me with a kind of wonder this morning. Wonder that my mom still purchases the calendars for me. Wonder that it’s already December. Wonder that I get to share another holiday with my family, AND wonder that I get to share another holiday with my beau’s family, whom I truly adore. Wonder that my very first close friend is turning 30 this year. Wonder that on the 19th, I will have been with the beau for two years. I’ve never been with a person where I haven’t wondered, “Is there someone better for me out there?” — until now. It’s pretty spectacular. (Yeah, that’s a lot of wonder for a tiny piece of chocolate …)

To translate my warm fuzzies to you, I’ve marked absolutely everything in Jac & Elsie with free first class, worldwide shipping. There’s no coupon code — all shipping is already marked to $0.00 — even fundraiser pieces, $10 and less pieces and clearance piece. So happy shopping, and happy December. May your days be merry and bright!


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