Social media shopping guide

23 Nov

Before I get into this gift guide, I have three others to share. MAJOR THANK YOUS to these amazing bloggers for featuring Jac & Elsie in their gift guides:

* * *

I am constantly amazed by the wonderful people I meet through social media. Tweeps and bloggers have encouraged, helped, congradulated and more as I’ve finagled this bloggy, small-business world.

And I’m hugely grateful.

Naturally, I think you should check out their wares. (Click on any of the images to see more.)

(Twitter) @MdnightStarlet & (Etsy) Midnight Starlet

(Twitter) @MtchellGlsswrks & (Etsy) MitchellGlassworks

(Twitter) @awildtonic & (Etsy) A Wild Tonic

(Facebook) Thirty-one Shekels & (Etsy) thirty-one shekels

(Facebook) Yellow Heart Art & (Twitter) @yellowheartart & (Etsy) Yellow Heart Art

(Twitter) @iamthemandy (Facebook) i am the mandy (Etsy) i am the mandy

Happy shopping!


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