My favorite things: My patronus!

22 Nov

I’m linked up with Yes, Teacher! for this edition of My Favorite Things. (This is gonna take a bit of a detour at the end … my apologies.)

I want to love him and squeeze him and hold him! (click on any of the images for more)

I saw this bracelet on Sunday and about lost my mind. It’s pretty in the photo, but in person? Oh man, this is gorgeous.

One more from Kohl’s: I tried these on about a month ago and can’t stop thinking about them. I thought the built-in sock thing would be weird, but it’s not. It’s just awesome.

CUSTOM PATRONUS PIN!! I do think I’ll buy me this one. However … what on earth is my patronus??

Naturally, I posted the patronus question to the Googles and found this quiz. It told me horse.

The horse is a symbol of physical and spiritual power and is also a bearer of burdens. He is a powerful ally against your enemies. That your patronus is a horse says that you are a strong person –strong enough to bear others’ burdens when they become too much. Be careful to consider yourself and you will be a terrific witch or wizard.

I was never a horse girl. Veto. What about this one? … Um … A toad?

The TOAD, most may see this as a humiliating patronus. I mean how are you supposed to strike fear into the hearts of evil with a toad … come on. But this patronus is far from a joke; its wisdom surpasses all, giving it a tactical advantage. And by using its massive and adhesive tongue it can spit it out at the enemy and suck it in, making your nemesis come to you. Then subsequently swallows them… thus absorbing there power and saving the day.

Come to think of it … Neville Longbottom IS my favorite … and he DOES have Trevor … A toad it is!

What’s your patronus?


2 Responses to “My favorite things: My patronus!”

  1. Sarah November 22, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    Oh wow that bracelet is beautiful!!!

  2. Jeyna Grace November 23, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    Love the shoes!

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