Gift guide No. 2: Gifts for men

21 Nov

Buying for guys is hard. Really, really hard. In my experience, they don’t like to tell you what they want, but they like to be surprised. They don’t tend to be into baubles — jewelry, knickknacks, Christmas decorations, etc — as much as women and, also in my experience, they can be as picky as a snotty 14-year-old girl.

Then I discovered Etsy and Uncommon Goods. And man, I hit the Dudely Jackpot.

Here are some of the coolest for-guys (or girls) gifts I’ve seen (and in some cases, purchased):

Digital Soaps is an Etsy shop that makes, among other things, bars of soap in the shape of video game controllers. Sooooo cool. I purchased one two Christmases ago for my high school guy bestie. I was pretty proud of myself. Because, I mean, seriously: LOOK HOW COOL.

These NestaHome tea towels have been on Etsy’s front page more than once — and with good reason. I love the simplicity of these designs, which come in beer, wine and cheese, winter beverages, kitchen herbs and farmhouse kitchen essentials. And frankly, I know a few beer-lovin’ fellows who’d quite happily use these bad boys in the kitchen.

Another awesome goodie that has made it to Etsy’s front page, the chemistry pillows at YellowBugBoutique are pretty fantastic. Similar to the tea towels, the pillows have a simple design mixed with an awesome concept — pulling apart words into the elemental makeup of their spelling. I loved chemistry, so I get a super big kick out of these.

I can’t seem to pull images from Uncommon Goods, so be sure to click through these links to see the awesome.

First off, I purchased this money clip for my closest guy friend last year for Christmas. The quotes on Uncommon’s money clips are wonderful and definitely make them a little more special than your average clip. There might be another purchase this year for the beau’s brothers.

The beau’s birthday was earlier this month, and when I saw Uncommon Goods’ beer-making kits in the catalog, I almost jumped for joy. The beau is majorly into beer, especially IPAs, so this was pretty much a no-brainer. If he enjoys the product, there are even refiller kits available, and he can try other flavors like chocolate maple porter and jalapeño saison.

Where do you find some of your favorite gifts for men online?


2 Responses to “Gift guide No. 2: Gifts for men”

  1. Ally November 21, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    I bought those towels for Hubs’ birthday!! They are GREAT.
    Now, about that beer making kit – years ago, I bought one of those for Hubs. It snowballed and he now has a whole home brew set up and sits on the board of directors of a co-op brewery! That love of beer, especially IPA’s runs deep!

  2. Tandie November 21, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    Thanks for including my towels! Happy to be here 🙂


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