Full of Awesome 2.0 about to hit Jac & Elsie

19 Nov

After Melissa wrote her amazing post about Jac & Elsie Full of Awesome necklaces on Pigtail Pals, I realized I may not have ordered enough materials. There are enough of the original everything for seven more necklaces.

When I contacted the supplier for more of those those awesome brass stars, she said she wouldn’t have more in until after Christmas. That won’t do! So I found another awesome star for a sort of Full of Awesome 2.0 necklace.

As soon as I sell out of the current stars, I’ll upload these new pieces. So if you’re digging on one of these:

Buy fast, because they’re almost gone! If you decide you’d like a new star before the first ones sell out, just leave a note to seller that you’d like the 2.0 version.

Have a happy weekend, all! And, of course, be sure to be full of awesome.


One Response to “Full of Awesome 2.0 about to hit Jac & Elsie”

  1. Ally November 19, 2011 at 2:18 pm #

    I actually love the new star!

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