A guest post, some giveaways & a Friday of blanks

18 Nov

Sooo looking forward to this weekend! My friend Michelle is coming to visit. I haven’t seen her in months and have plans of tacos and margaritas tonight and some shopping (you know how some people are just awesome to shop with? She’s No.1 on the list), with maybe a massage thrown in there (never had one, sounds fun!).

Before we get into this week’s Fill in the Blank Friday with the little things we do, I have a few things to share:

  • First, go check out my guest post at rouge & whimsy! It’s about fashion don’ts that are actually fashion do’s. Here’s a photo teaser:

I'm wearing those earrings today. They're the fab ones I spent way too much on in Arizona a few weeks ago. I loooooove them.

  • And while you’re over at rouge & whimsy, check out her big ol’ sponsor giveaway. Not only can you win $15 to Jac & Elsie, but there’s a whole bunch of other goodies from some wonderful shops in the package. I’m lovin’ on the $20 to SewBeastly. I’d sew use it on this badboy:

And now, without further ado:

A nervous habit I have is oh man, prepare for TMI: I, like Elliott, am a nervous poo’er. Being nervous affects my poor belly big-time. I absolutely DO NOT want to eat when I’m nervous and really should just lock myself in the bathroom for the duration of the nerves. Luckily, I don’t get nervous very often.

Something that makes me sad is the folks who stand on the median or the side of the road at stop lights with cardboard signs that say some variation of “Hungry, Homeless.” One of the million and one reasons I could never live in a big city is seeing so many people in need would make me either a) poor, because I’d give too much money or buy too many sandwiches or b) cold-hearted and immune. I don’t care for either happen to me.

Today I am thankful that Michelle is coming to visit AND I get to see my fam soon! I’m also thankful I get to put up my Christmas decorations soon. I almost started last night. I got the itch!

My favorite room in my house is my family room? (I say that with a question mark because while I like my apartment, I don’t love it. I’m sick of renting.) It’s where I am the most. I like reading on the couch on weekend mornings, and it’s where I make my jewelry.

I can’t stand rude people in a movie theater. I’ve told so many people to stop texting or shut the frack up that it doesn’t even make me nervous anymore to confront them. They’re rude and need to be told to stop it, dammit.

If I had $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today, I would hold onto it for tomorrow and get Michelle and me massages.

The last person I hung out with was my beau last night. We ended up the evening listening to music while he drew at my kitchen table and I read “Under the Dome” on my couch. It was just about perfect.

Pick a blank, fill it in in the comments. Happy Friday, happy readers!! And don’t forget to enter the the folk giveaway, which ends Sunday night!


2 Responses to “A guest post, some giveaways & a Friday of blanks”

  1. Ally November 18, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    What? Tacos and margaritas? Where is my invitation? 🙂 Really, you are a girl after my own heart.

    The nervous habit? My gut goes nuts when under high stress or nerves. Not.fun.at.all.

  2. discountchica@gmail.com November 18, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Your night with your loved one sounds fabulous!!!!

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