Full of Awesome indeed!

16 Nov

Yesterday, Jac & Elsie had its very first Full of Awesome necklaces sale! And its second, and its third …

Melissa over at Pigtail Pals gave the necklaces a phenomenal shout-out, and the response has been fantastic! So much so that I sold more than half of my stock of Full of Awesome necklaces yesterday! Wanting to stock up again, I made a few supply purchases last night. Unfortunately, the shop where I found that amazing brass star won’t get more in until after Christmas. Gah!

Luckily, I found a pretty fantastic replacement. That being said … if you’re digging the current design, you better act fast; as soon as these are gone, Full of Awesome, the second addition (the star is a similar size, and brass, but with a different design), will hit Jac & Elsie.

While you’re at it? You should seriously be reading Pigtail Pals, oh, all the time. It’s a blog geared toward empowering girls and calling society out on all the ucky things it tries to force little girls to be. (Crotchless panties for elementary school girls, anyone? Kiddie Halloween costumes fit for a porn star? Shirts letting girls know they don’t need to be smart as long as they’re pretty?)

Melissa took a few minutes to answer a few questions for me about her blog and, of course, her Full of Awesome post.

I absolutely love the blog post that inspired the Jac & Elsie Full of Awesome necklaces. What inspired that phrase for you? What inspired that blog post? I have received so many, many compliments on the Full of Awesome post, but each time it is special to hear, so thank you. The phrase “full of awesome” is just something we say around our house. Amelia is just awesome by nature so much of the time, we would say she is “full of awesome right up to the top” and kiss her on her head. The post was inspired by Amelia just striking that pose before breakfast one morning, and I was struck by her self-confidence and self-love. The night before I had been up doing research on body image and the influence of media on girls for my book, and I just kept thinking, why why why are women and girls believing this garbage about perfect beauty defined by someone else? We are each of us beautiful. I want women to own that in their hearts and teach it to their girls. I want each person to know he and she has worth, that there are amazing things about everyone, that every one of us can live choosing to be Full of Awesome.

Why did you start the Pigtail Pals blog? The blog helps me reach more people with a more intense type of conversation than Facebook and Twitter can. I love the power of social media, and I really felt the need for a mom’s voice in the arena of media literacy, gender stereotypes and sexualization. I’m not an academic, I’m not a psychologist, I’m simply a mom who became an advocate for girls and their right to girlhood. I have studied and read everything out there on the subject, and I think being a mom in the trenches gives me an outlook that is unique and important. 

Tell me about a particular instance that made you say, “Wow, I really touched that person today.” I regularly get such incredible feedback letting me know that I am reaching parents and changing the way they think about their girls. I’ve had some e-mails that have been so touching, I have cried. But really my favorite comments are from parents that say I’ve opened their eyes and now they see the gender stereotypes and sexualization everywhere. That can sound overwhelming, but when people know better, they can do better.

My favorite instance came from a mom that said she followed the Pigtail Pals Facebook page and didn’t always agree with me, but then xyz happened to her daughter, and now she sees everything, and she can’t unsee it. She said she was so grateful for Pigtail Pals to be a resource for her as she raises a strong and confident daughter. 

The Full of Awesome post has more than a half million views, and the comments on that post alone are like a master’s class in humanity. People opened their hearts and shared their most painful and most joyful moments, all of it linking back to the idea that Awesome is a choice. I have people tell me they have printed out the blog and have it on their fridge, or have that image of Amelia in that powerful pose on their cubicle wall, etc. I think that is all, well, awesome!


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