Ooooh, Arizona: A vacation in photos

12 Nov

At 5 a.m. Monday morning, I crawled into bed. As the beau and I walked into my apartment, completely exhausted, I pointed out, “Is that daylight? I haven’t seen daylight at 5 a.m. after being up all night since After Prom.”

Indeed, I hadn’t. And yes, Sunday, for us, ended at 5 a.m. Monday. We were returning home from a trip to Arizona. I stood up for a friend’s wedding, and we made a vacation of it.

Ohhhh, Arizona, how great thou art.

Day one: Sedona & Meghan

Think “purple mountain majesty,” but red. Think hiking and the bluest sky on the planet and giant metal chickens and medication chapels built into the rock.

After spending eight hours driving to, in, or from Sedona, we stopped by an old friend’s. Meghan and I went to college together, and I hadn’t seen her since she graduated, in 2004. Seven years.

That’s a long ass time. You wouldn’t know it, though. We chatted like we’d just hung out last week. It was awesome. (Isn’t she cute???)

Day two: Scottsdale and the rehearsal dinner

The beau was lovely enough to indulge my need for Native American jewelry on day two, and we spent a good chunk of the day wandering old town Scottsdale in search of beauty that wouldn’t break the bank. I ended up with some earrings that positively make me giddy when I look at them.

Naturally, I wore them to the rehearsal dinner, which had 70something people. Biggest. Rehearsal dinner. Ever. (That’s the bride, second from the left.)

Day three: WEDDING

We showed up to the venue around 1:30 p.m. for a rehearsal and found the most gorgeous place on the planet. Boojum Tree is all open air, save a dining area, with trees and flowers and beauty every which way.

There was also a bench next to the toilet in the bridal suite. Naturally, this had to happen:

I made the jewelry for the bridesmaids. I also punched the groom. (No, it’s cool. It’s what he does. He has a slew of pics of people punching him, including Penn, and the guy who played Ted on “Scrubs.”)

Day 4: Phoenix Mountain and home

Our flight didn’t leave until late on Sunday, so the beau and I went in search of another mountain to climb. Phoenix Mountain isn’t gorgeous per se, but it’s a helluva lot cooler than anything we have in the Midwest.

We were on the flight back with the bride’s parents, two groomsmen, a wife and another guest. The bride’s hubby works at the airline, so she got a freebie ticket just to chill with us for a bit before we left. Remember when you could see people off on flights?? I miss that.

Has anyone else been to Phoenix? Where did you go? What did you do?


3 Responses to “Ooooh, Arizona: A vacation in photos”

  1. Liz November 12, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    When are we going to move to Arizona, i’m actually home sick after seeing these pictures. Great pictures.

    Love dad

  2. Ally November 12, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Isn’t it just the best? I love that area. My parents used to live in Fountain Hills – just outside Phoenix. We once climbed Camelback Mountain on Thanksgiving morning – so fun! We drove up to the Grand Canyon one time, too and stopped in Sedona on the way. Sooooo cool! I miss going to visit there!

  3. PhaseThreeOfLife November 14, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    Dang, those bridesmaid dresses were so gorgeous. Glad you found some gems in Old Towne! It was awesome seeing you and meeting the beau. xo!

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