The never-ending quest for good photos

26 Oct

I made a necklace tonight that I adored … and, once again, I found myself unable to photograph it very well.

You see, I’m used to taking super close-up tight shots. I love the detail they show shoppers. See? (Click on the pics to see more.)

But with this necklace, the close-ups shots looked terrible. Really. Really. Terrible.

So I tried pulling back. I haven’t a clue why … but it worked! These photos still don’t do this necklace justice — seriously, the pastel of the stones with the dark of the chain is a lovely contrast — but I’m much happier with than I was with the up-close-and-personal pics:

And while I’m at new jewelry, I mustmustMUST give a shoutout to Shirley at Wild Blueberry Ink. I purchased a series of colorful argyle designs from her, and while I know there’s a Jac & Elsie jewelry line in there somewhere, I have two necklaces featuring two different color schemes of Shirley’s work. First is this interchangeable pendant (you can remove the designs and switch it up with a butterfly pattern):

Second is this silver-plated locket. So preppy and pretty!

Hope you like some of the new goodies in the shop!


One Response to “The never-ending quest for good photos”

  1. A Young Black Woman November 1, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Can I just say that I love everything you make and once I actually have the finances to get some in my hands, I’m going to do so. They’re all beautiful. (Especially

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